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are left and right contact lenses different?

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Are there any differences between right and left contact lenses?
If I have the same vision in both eyes, yet when I buy contact lenses, I always receive two boxes. One for the left eye and one for the right eye. Is it possible to wear the ones in the left eye container in my right eye and vice versa? Or are they shaped differently?

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asked May 18, 2017 in Health by Lily

3 Answers

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If the brand/model, diameter, base curve, sphere as well as cylinder, and axis (if present) on the the box are identical, then there's no difference and you can combine the lens pool.
answered May 18, 2017 by xbone
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Difference between left & right contacts?
I started wearing contacts a few months ago. I have horrible eyesight and they help me so much. My dad ordered some boxes of the contacts for me and I have been wearing them for a few months now. I have already gone through one box and now I am on my second one. When I first got them, I was wondering why the contacts in the box didn't tell me which one was for your right eye and which is for your left because the ones I had worn for the trial had.

I now feel like a total idiot because just the other day, I was getting a new pair of contacts and I noticed that on the box, there was a little sticker that had an R on it. I figured that meant Right. So I looked at one of the other boxes I had and noticed it had an L on it. I went a couple months wearing contacts for only my left eye and now a few weeks with only right eye contacts. Is that bad? Is there a difference? No one told me I had two different subscriptions for each of my eyes, so it can't be that, right? What's with the stickers?

My mom told me that it was fine and that the eye doctor was probably just trying to be helpful or something and that there is probably no problem wearing two right contacts. But I'm a little worried. She has never worn contacts before, what does she know? Is there a difference?
answered May 18, 2017 by Lucky Number Seven
Yes, there is often a difference between the prescription correction for left and right eyes. Same as with your glass lenses, and if you read your prescription you will see there is a designation for OD and OS. OD is your right eye, OS is the left. Sometimes there isn't much difference between the two, and you can wear a lens for the left eye in the right eye. Even if there is a difference, all it means is that the contact for that "off" eye won't be correcting the vision as well as it should, at least it won't return vision to 20/20. It is not detrimental to your eye, just your vision accuracy. Somebody should have explained that there was a difference in the prescriptions, although I guess they all figured it was common knowledge. I wouldn't fell like an idiot, because you simply didn't know. I would suggest that you replace the prescription for lenses for your left eye though, instead of wearing the ones for the right eye. That will give you the best vision. Then in the future, you just need to check and make sure which box is for which eye. My daughter's contacts have it marked, but it's pretty tiny- so we just use a marker to make a large L and R on the correct boxes. She has accidentally made the mistake of switching eyes, wearing left lenses in the right eye, and those for the right eye in her left. The vision wasn't as good, and that's how she figured out her mistake. Not a big deal dear, but you should get a new box of the correct prescription for your left eye as soon as you can arrange it. And now you know, so you won't make the same mistake twice. There's no sin in an honest mistake- but it's kind of silly to repeat it if you can avoid it.
nurse, mom of 4
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When you order contact lens, is there a difference between the shape of left eye and right eye?
is there a difference? both of my eyes are the same shape and same prescription. So s hould i just order one box?
answered May 18, 2017 by Leonardo M
If you are fortunate enough to have the same prescription for each eye, then yes, you can order just one box. Remember though, if those are 2 week disposable lenses, that's only 6 weeks worth of contacts then...just don't forget to order more before you run out so that you don't wind up having to over-wear the last pair because you waited too long to order...
Certified Optician

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