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Left / Right contact lenses - which is which?

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I use contact lenses and every so often when I am with the optician (not often, really) they point out that I have the wrong lense in the wrong eye.
This is despite the fact that I am normally very carefull to make sure they go into the correct side of the lense container.
The thing is that apparently there is a little R etched into the right lense and this helps to establish which is which.
Does anyone have any idea how on earth you are supposed to see it when you can't focus because you don't have your lenses in ?
Since I don't use disposables and the prescriptions are similart but not the same, if I get the wrong one in the wrong eye it can be quite a while before I work out there is something wrong.
Is there is an easy way or a knack - holding it up to the light or whatever?

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asked May 18, 2017 in Health by rowdy

4 Answers

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1) how does the optician know which is which - they either check the prescription and then check the properties of the lense by observation or else they look for the little R - but this is easy if you are an optician and have the relevant bright lights and magnifying lenses. If the presecription for my right eye says (for example) +2.5 and the optician checks the lense and sees it is +2.25 then they know that the wrong lense is in the wrong eye.

2) using glasses to check - I have tried to do this, but still cannot see any significant mark which would give anything away.

3) henny - I can't bring myself to justify throwing away a perfectly good pair of lenses every night. I know they are designed for single use, but to me it is like eating from paper plates evey night and just throwing away the dishes - wasteful. I also object to paying opticians for recurring supplies of the lenses when they don't actually need to be thrown away.
answered May 18, 2017 by Corryne
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I'm an optician. If he wears the same prescription and brand in both eyes there should be no differences in the contacts. Are all the boxes the same? They should be exactly the same if what you said is true.
OD is the right eye and OS is the left eye. The places on the end of the boxes with R and L are there for contact lens wearers to check if they wear different powers in their right and left eyes.
answered May 18, 2017 by Dixon Uranus
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Actually, there's no way to tell the left and the right if you make them mixed. But there still are two ways to tell them. First, if your two eyes are with different prescriptions, then you can take one of your contacts and try the contacts on your one of your eyes. If you see things clear after your try, congratulations that is your actual contact. If you see things still fuzzy, you get the wrong contact for your eye. Then you can tell which is which. Second, if your two eyes are with the same descriptions, there is no big thing to tell which is which.
answered May 18, 2017 by Vinegar Taster
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Wow, this is a little difficult to differentiate them, but if your eye prescriptions are the same or the contacts are zero diopter, it is not a problem, because why we make them right or left is to make sure that both prescriptions are fit for our eyes. If there's a big difference between your eye prescriptions, you can try to tell it one by one. For example, wear one of them in your eye, if it is comfortable, that's the right one, if it is not comfortable, put it in the other eye, and try to find which the best is. If you still can not tell them in this way, I suggest you turn to the optical shops where you bought them, and ask them for help.
answered May 18, 2017 by David B

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