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what does 20/10 vision mean?

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What is meant by 20/10 vision?

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asked May 17, 2017 in Health by Michelle

4 Answers

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A visual acuity of 20/20 is frequently described as meaning that a person can see detail from 20 feet away the same as a person with normal eyesight would see from 20 feet. If a person has a visual acuity of 20/40, he is said to see detail from 20 feet away the same as a person with normal eyesight would see it from 40 feet away.

It is possible to have vision superior to 20/20: the maximum acuity of the human eye without visual aids (such as binoculars) is generally thought to be around 20/10 however, recent test subjects have exceeded 20/8 vision. Recent developments in optometry have resulted in corrective lenses conferring upon the wearer a vision of up to 20/10. Some birds, such as hawks, are believed to have an acuity of around 20/2; in this respect, their vision is much better than human eyesight.
answered May 17, 2017 by Mattias
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My eye test shows that I have 20/10 vision what does that mean?
Firstly, consider 20/20 vision because that's something many people have heard of, and sometimes mistakenly think means “perfect” vision. In reality all that 20/20 vision means is the ability to see as well as most people with healthy eyes. Specifically it means being able to read letters that are 8.7 millimetres tall from 6 metres (that's 20 feet) away, or to put it another way, to be able to perceive details that subtend an angle of 1 minute of arc. This can be considered a nice standard to achieve, something that most people can aspire to, for most of their life. Some people can do this unaided, some people will need glasses, contact lenses or surgery to get to this level. It is absolutely NOT, in any way, “perfect” vision because there is no such thing. Some people can do better than this.

So as to what 20/10 vision means, it's better. Rather than going into unnecessarily complicated explanations of how these figures are arrived at, there is a simple way to look at it. The size of the second number (the one after the /) is directly related to how big the letters on a test chart need to be for someone to read them. So while 20/20 is considered to be a good level, 20/10 is twice as good because 10 (xx/10) is only half as big as 20 (xx/20) and 20/10 therefore means being able to read much smaller letters, in fact only half as big, making 20/10 vision twice as good as 20/20.
answered May 17, 2017 by Mir Quasem
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How common is 20/10 vision?
Not common at all. 20/10 vision is quite significantly better than average. As an optometrist, I don't encounter people who can see that well even once a year on average.
answered May 17, 2017 by Barbara
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Is 20/10 vision possible for everyone?
Not everyone can achieve 20/10 vision, so who might be interested in seeing better by 1 or 2 lines on the Snellen chart? I can think of certain RK patients for whom even 20/30 is the best they can get with a good contact lens. I can think of certain patients with keratoconus for whom 20/20 is a vague memory – if they can remember it.
answered May 17, 2017 by Brileigh

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