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how to treat irritated eye after sleeping in contacts?

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My eyes are irritated after sleeping with contact lenses. How can i treat my eyes? Please help.

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asked May 17, 2017 in Health by RAT M

3 Answers

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It appears that you are experiencing pain and discomfort from corneal and conjunctival irritations due to possible protein infiltrates or deposits from the contacts. This is the most common cause of such problem due to sleeping in the contacts, in addition to the noxious cornea nerve irritation due to prolonged oxygen deprivation of the cornea. Although then possibility of some cornea infection should be considered, especially if this fails to resolve promptly. The first step is to remove and discard those set of contacts, as they may contain infection. You need to wear your Regular glasses, and not wear contact for at least 3-5 days while you treat the current episode. Before you see your eye doctor, I suggest that you start using anti-inflammatory/allergy over the counter drop (Zaditor) one drop into each 4 times daily. In addition, use preservative free tear drop (refresh Plus) one drop 4 times daily, at separate times from the Zaditor to avoid dilution. If not resolved significantly by tomorrow, then I suggest that you follow-up with your eye doctor for closer evaluation of the cornea and possibly start you on Lotemax, Alrex or Pred Forte along with a topical antibiotics, such as Vigamox, to clear any infection
answered May 17, 2017 by Coolwater
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How to relieve burning eyes after sleeping in contacts?
I am so tired last night and forget to take off my contact lenses. Now, i was wake up with burning eyes in the morning. How can i relieve that burning eyes? Help
answered May 17, 2017 by Chad
Well, this situation happens often when someone sleeps with the contacts. At this moment, you can use eye drops, which are a very good idea. Also, you can use a thorough rinsing with cold water, so that it will not irritate the eyes. I would suggest that she should not sleep with the contacts, because it will damage her eyes and make the eyes infected. Only if she takes off the contacts, do her eyes have time to recover and have a rest.
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How do you treat your eyes after sleeping in contacts (red eyes sensitive to light)?
I accidently fell asleep and my eyes are red hurt and are sensitive to light i have to go to school though but dont want to wear glasses how do i treat contacts very quickly
answered May 17, 2017 by Stephanie
Owch.. been there before!
I found the best way is to get eye drops.
Do not use the contact fluid stuff becuase its not the same. Just go to the nearest store, buy some eye drops, and put some in each eye.
Don't overdo it, too much can damage eyes, but they'll start to help very soon.
The ones designed for dryness, comfort, or itching are the best ones, the whitening ones don't help with anything like this.
Thing is though, I wouldn't put your contacts in for at least 24 hours now. I know you don't want to wear glasses, but I'm sure at the same time you don't want to harm your eyes to the point of not being able to wear them ever again, right?
It's good to give your eyes a break from them every now and again anyway.. hope it feels better!
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