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Don't buy from dresslink

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I made a big order from them 60 items all clothe the items were supposed to have tags in order for customs to accept the packege most of the items didn't have them and the packege was return to dresslink when I try to track the packege it show that dresslink abandon the packege and fedex say they refuse to accept the packege when I contact dresslink they say that they won't be able to refund my money and that their was some charges that will have to pay and they will refund the rest. Good thing I pay with PayPal

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asked May 6, 2017 in Local Businesses by Maria F.

2 Answers

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FRAUDS AND SCAMMERS!! = why take the risk on a company with so many bad reviews?

Why take the risk on a company with so many bad reviews? The only good reviews are off staff who have been paid to do so as i have emailed several employees of dresslink myself!! Please do not be fooled!

I made the mistake of ordering £1095.31 of kids clothes off them, but they never arrived. When i chased them with trading standards they said they could not do anything as they are under Chinese laws!!

So all i could do was share my horrible experience.
After posting my previous review about dress link being a fraud and taking money off many innocent people, but not delivering the products!
then getting their staff to post good reviews to fool people.

They emailed me to say they would refund me if i took the review down, this was 2 months ago and still no refund and now they are ignoring my emails again, like they did the first time.
They will never change so please don't take the risk like i did! This company shouldn't even be allowed to trade with the amount of people they have let down! Please don't be one of them.

Kind regards,
answered May 6, 2017 by Carrera j.
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never received my order months have gone by. nobody responds to emails. no phone number. they refused to give refund (or acknowledge me at all) so I had to have my credit card dispute charges..only way to get reimbursed.

UPDATE: person from Dresslink responded to me here on SiteJabber below, and I have gotten back to her. When she asked for my order number I provided it to her. As expected, ever since I provided her with my order numbercomplete silence. OH-except for a request from another rep to change my rating because it 'hurt them'. But no addressing my issue as soon as they are provided an actual call to action with a real order number. This is their pattern. Totally expected. This message below she leftall for show. She has not responded to me and will not ever.
answered May 6, 2017 by Kelly I.

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