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DressLink Terrible Costumer Service

0 votes
Terrible Costumer Service

I placed an order from Dresslink and my package was sent to a city nowhere near where I lived. I contacted them to see if I could pay another shipping fee to have my package re-sent to me if my original package happened to be sent back to Dresslink. The lady that emailed me back did not answer my question at all and just gave me a copy of my tracking number. I replied to her again to try to properly explain my situation, but she just kept emailing me my tracking number for some strange reason. I don't know what's going to happen to my package now and if I would even be able to get a refund. Terrible experience and I will not be purchasing from there again due to their terrible communication.

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asked May 6, 2017 in Local Businesses by Breana

2 Answers

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Poor service

I do believe this company is a scam, It's been nearly a month since I've placed my order and have yet not received it. The same issue applied to a previous order which took a month and a half to receive. If I paid for express then I suggest it'll arrive during that time frame as stated on the site. It's ridiculous that my order is taking this long to arrive. Never have I received poor customer service from any company whatsoever. I will not order from dresslink ever again. DO NOT! shop and waste your money on this scam site
answered May 6, 2017 by Sarah W.
0 votes
Where's my package?

I made an order on June 19th it is August 13th it's been two months, where is my package? 35036481255 this is the number that they gave me and that's what I was supposed to give to my post office and according to the post office that number is invalid, it took me two minutes for them to tell me that nothing is there for me even looking up my address. ''Abby" from dresslink said it would take up to 16 days to check if my items were lost, I just want the items I payed for, otherwise I want my refund. I will continue to leave a bad review if this does not get resolve.

Second review, where's my package Linda? You stopped responding? You didn't give me my refund I want my refund otherwise I'm not changing my review, talk about bad customer service, if you were in America, working for an American company I bet you wouldn't have made me go through all the troubles of sending you my address, kill yourself. It's been 2 and a half months and there's no sign of my package
answered May 6, 2017 by zubiya s.

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