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Never received my order. Called USPS was told to wait for re delivery. After nearly a month I contacted goggles4u, customer service was horrible! They also contacted USPS and magically my glasses were suppose to arrive..HA what a joke! I still haven't received the glasses, and I have to wait until they want to refund my money. Complete waste of time and energy, save yourself the trouble!

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asked May 2, 2017 in Local Businesses by Wade H.

2 Answers

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i got lied to and wasted a ton of time

Before I even embarked on the process I asked chat if they could ship to Belize. They said yes. I spent a lot of time getting to the point of checkout. I was pretty upset because you only had stupid colored glasses when you showed black ones. I just wanted a sturdy pair of black glasses....common plain black glasses, not red glasses with swirlie things on it. So I give a bad review because of
1- very tedious checkout process....you look like you have tons of glasses, but it turned out you didnt.
2- I placed my order on November 30. I finally got confirmation that my glasses are ready to ship from the US on 12-21. So that is 1 week short of a month just to begin to ship my product. I was promised delivery in 2 weeks, but it took over 3 weeks just to begin to ship?

I wish i had just gotten glasses the old fashioned way.
answered May 2, 2017 by George Stallsmith
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Terrible customer service and mediocre glasses

A week after placing my order i was simply trying to track the order or even be confirmed that my order was placed. I talked to someone via the online chat. They would not give me any information they just kept saying the same thing over and over it felt like i was talking to a robot. They told me i would get an email with tracking info once my glasses were shipped. Another week. No email. Same response. A third week and i decided to contact them via email. Basically the same thing over and over. Then out of no where my glasses arrived. I was never given the tracking info at all. The glasses were mediocre at best. Frames from the dollar tree fit more comfortably.

Edit: I've looked in my spam and I still see NO email with any tracking detail. And they did not arrive in 9 days. It was at least 3 weeks because I contacted you guys 3 times once every week. When I read your website on shipping info it said you have a U.S. facility and a U.K. facility. And that the facility closest to you would be the one to fulfill the order. So it makes no sense that my order was processed at the furthest facility from me. Furthermore I'm not upset about the shipping time, I'm upset that when I reached out to you guys 3 different times I still was not given the tracking info. The second time I contacted you guys I was told my shipment was in transit to be shipped and that no tracking info was available. The 3rd time (3 weeks after placing the order) I was again told my shipment was in transit. Why on earth would I pay for shipping if it's going to sit in transit for at least a full week.
answered May 2, 2017 by joe m.

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