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Goggles4u - Fraudulent, and misrepresentation $378. ripoff

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I bought on Feb 26/2014 from
My order states as follows:
Manufacturer Varilux by Ezzilor
Physio/short 1.61 High index with anti-scratch $249
Anti-Scratch will be available on both sides. $80.
I received a no name lens probably (Pakistani or Chinese) which I paid $249.00 USD
I did not get the Crizal Easy with UV - $80 USD
I also thought I was buying CK frames, however, the rubber started falling off in about 6 months, so I suspect they are copies from Pakistan. $49.00
$378.00 ripoff.
I chatted with Samatha at goggles4you and explained that I couldnt read properly and went to an optometrist to check out my eyesight and glasses. I showed him my order and he said that the lens where not Varilux as all verilux lens have their name inscribed in the lens the same as all reputable lens manufacturers do and secondly there was no Crizal coating it was just normal coating.
I asked her for a replacement. NO was her answer. I said you didnt send me what I paid for, well it is too late now, it is longer than 14 days. I said fraud and misrepresentation have no timeline limit. She then offered 20% discount, then 30% and finally 50% on ordering new glasses. I refused the offer and said I want my glasses refunded or replaced with the real lens. Oh, we do not sell them anymore. (they never did)
I am going to report them to FTC and I am hoping that others who have been cheated by goggles4you are interested in starting a class action.
Please, this company needs to be taken down, you can help by spreading the word about their fraudulent business practices, reporting to FTC and never buying from them. Tell all your family and friends.
Review about: Varilux Physio Short Lenses.
I didn't like: Been ripped off, Been sent a cheaper product not ordered, Just switched.

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asked May 2, 2017 in Local Businesses by Dianna G.

2 Answers

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Goggles4u - Scam

My wife ordered 2 pairs of glasses,the wrong prescription was received.
We escalated it through paypal, refund was refused, placed a claim and the seller contacted me after 9pm (11pm) uk time asking for dispute to be closed via paypal as it affects thier liability, you are already liable as you sent the wrong prescription and if the dispute is closed I am no longer protected.
Why have paypal buyer protection if you will not stand by your own refund policy?.
I was told finance issue the refund and not the paypal account the sale was completed through, the rep said it is out of his hands now, sorry goggles4u I will be keeping the dispute open until this is resolved as the claim will be closed as soon as you refund me,paypal have the funds on hold until the claim is closed anyway so please do the decent thing as I want to buy my glasses elsewhere.
The glasses were poorly packed in half a cardboard box when received from goggles4u and I will not be ordering again from you again.
answered May 2, 2017 by Paul M.
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Goggles4u - Complete fraud website

I ordered my glasses more than 12 days. The item has not been shipped. Every time the customer care gave me wrong information that the item is shipped. When I tried to escalate the issue.. I got to know that the item was shipped At all. Infact they even gave me wrong tracking number....
Total fraud. I will never ever order from them again. Now they are trying to make me fool that they will give my shipping cost back.... But they are not ready to compensate for the my inconvenience and neither are they ashamed of it.
I will definitely escalate the issue until it's solved
I didn't like: Been ripped off.
answered May 2, 2017 by Mick G.

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