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Do i need a business degree to start an electrical or carpentry business?

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Im in high school & plan on going to college to get a cert. of achievement in carpentry and my boyfriend is gonna do electrical. We will be taking general ed classes as well just in case we change our minds a decide on transferring. We then plan on entering a apprenticeship and being in a union until we feel confident enough to be self employed. should we get an online degree in business and accounting. Since later on in life i plan on starting my own business and being self employed. My dad went to a trades school, never took business but did take an accounting class. If i do plan on getting a degree in business i will do it online while doing my apprenticeship. Can anyone give me guidance before i ask my dad for guidance.

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asked Apr 20 in Business and Finance by Kimvibe

2 Answers

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of course not, if you have the skills to do the work by all means go for it
but a good education would be helpful in your business dealings and unless you have good bookkeeping skills you will need professional help to maintain your records
answered Apr 20 by tro
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Take business classes later, when you actually need them. You will forget everything you learned and need to take refreshers anyway.
Basic accounting and marketing classes are all you really need.
answered Apr 20 by Casey Y

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