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I quit my job but they told a potential new job that they fired me?

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I quit my job that I absolutely hated a couple of weeks ago. Well, I applied at another place and they were interested in hiring me, but after the interview, they called my old job for a reference and they told him that they fired me. And the new potential employer said I lied on my application and he doesn't want to proceed with the hiring process. WTF would my old job lie like that for? I quit because management was so terrible, it effected my day to day. Now they lie to keep me from getting hired somewhere else!!! How big of a joke can you be as a manager!!!

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asked Apr 20, 2017 in Business and Finance by Dr. Manhattan

2 Answers

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There's nothing wrong with quitting a job, some times it's better then being fired. Be honest that you quit but you can tell them that you just didn't like the job. Or that the managers are lying about you so badly that it's preventing you from getting a job. If you were fired then most employers wouldn't want to hire you. If you tell them you quit you may have a better chance of getting a job.
Unless you're using them as a reference you can't be sure that this is the reason you're not getting hired. If it is then don't bother using the job you quit as a reference.
answered Apr 20, 2017 by LindseyS499
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Why list your old job as a reference? Did you lie on your application? If not, call you old boss and ask him why he's lying about your employment history. None of this will help this last interview, but you can do some damage control going forward finding a new job.
answered Apr 20, 2017 by rick29148
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