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How do I tell my boss that I can t work tomorrow?

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I work at a local bookstore. My contract is 4 hours and I m under 18. I ve already done overtime this week and am looking at doing around 20 hours in total.
This is due to us being incredibly under-staffed.
I can t work my Sunday shift but I have already worked Monday, Wednesday and will work Friday and Saturday.
There is only one other person to cover my shift but he has only worked four days also and would get more time off than me even though he is older.
None of them take my complaints seriously about being tired or not working cause I still have work.

I have exams coming up and I need to study. I tell them that and they say it is unfair on everyone else to work overtime even though I already am.
Also I won t get to see my brothers if I work both days on the weekend.
What do I tell my boss who is already stressed out

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asked Apr 20 in Business and Finance by Kayla

2 Answers

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You tell your boss no. School comes first and you can't do him a favor by working more hours than you guys agreed to this week. Once exams are over you're more than willing to discuss expanding your hours. If your boss doesn't agree with you then you should not be working for him. He's not looking to employee people so much as bleed them until they crack.
answered Apr 20 by DEBS
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just call the other person and ask if they can come In instead because you cant make it in. make something up about you not having a ride or tell them you have a family emergency. they don't really need to know details, they just need to know you have an emergency and you cant come. You can always provide details later
answered Apr 20 by Jessica

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