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I am planning on moving out of my house at 18?

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I am planning on moving out of my house at 18, with no help. Please read it all!!?
I have $8000-&9000 saved up as of now. I used to work at Chulas, a sports bar, and I can start working their again anytime I want.
My plan is to reapply there when I decide to lease an apartment. The pay there is great, its mostly off tips, I made $1000 a week just off of tips.
I want to rent an apartment that takes $500-$800, I have looked into a lot already and have found a variety of places.
The only problem is, I'm not great with financing, I'm not very street smart bc my parents are super strict and basically have me locked up in the house. I just want to know if I'll be able to do it on my own. I have a car except when I decide to move out, I wont be able to take it with me because its not under my name. All I'll have to worry about is taking care of paying for my apartment therefore. Eventually I'd like to get a car but I'm just trying to figure out if I can do this by myself and take the risk.
im sure if I leave my parents wont be filing for FAFSA, but my community college fee is $2000 for 5 classes which I'm sure I can manage to pay per semester even if I just take 4 classes and still be a full time student. I can pull out money every week or so and save it up for the semester.
I've been looking for a 1 bedroom apartment but I've also been looking into studios, I think it would be good enough for me.

Sorry everything is so scattered!! just putting everything out there the best way I can, I dont have anyone else I can really talk to this about

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asked Apr 18, 2017 in Business and Finance by KD

2 Answers

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In order for any landlord to qualify you, you will need to have a full time job, with job history at your current job for 6 months or a full year. Your regular income will be the only income considered, not tips. Your regular monthly income would have to be 3 - 4 times the cost of the monthly rent. Without a job and without the above basics, no landlord will rent to you.
Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience & with Landlord & Tenant law experience.
answered Apr 18, 2017 by Mark
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You need a couple of years of experience working at the same job especially if you are only 18. Plus you need a decent credit score which you cannot even start working on until you are 18. They may include working experience before 18 but it will take awhile to get a credit score.
answered Apr 18, 2017 by Donald B

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