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Is it okay to wear an old glasses prescription?

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I have a pair of glasses from 5 years back-my vision has changed by about 100. (my vision use to be -1.25/-.75 but now its -2.5/-1.75). Will it worsen my vision/have any negative effects if I wear these glasses for close range activities such as reading/studying? Thanks in advance
Update: I can read while I'm studying/reading with the glasses on, I don't get any headaches from it, but I'm wondering if my eyes are straining without me realizing and wondering if my vision will get worse faster just because I'm wearing an older prescription. I don't wanna get an updated glasses prescription since I usually wear contacts(which are current) and don't really have the finances for new glasses.

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asked Apr 16, 2017 in Health by osornio

2 Answers

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Being nearsighted, having an older, weaker pair for using for close work like you are doing is ideal.
There is nothing wrong with that and can't do any harm...and is bound to be more restful than using your full prescription.
Just about all nearsighted people should have a weaker pair laying around for things like that.
You have too much astigmatism to go without anything, so what you are doing is perfect.
answered Apr 16, 2017 by Footprintz
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My glasses broke and im wearing my old glasses with a lower prescription, is it okay?
will my eyesight get worse if i wear my old glasses?
my glasses broke (275 prescription)
now im wearing my old glasses (100 prescription)
is it okay?
Update: lol well um todays monday and there like TOTALLY CRUSHED. and i really cant put them together, but im probably gonna go get new glasses soon and im probably gonna get contacts.
do i need to totally pay for a new pair of glasses? or will they like repair it for free or something??
Update 2: oh and i can see pretty well without them, its just i need them to see the board in school but other than that i dont wear them all the timeeee.
answered Apr 16, 2017 by Manda
Call an optometrist, they will tell you over the phone. An optometrist actually gave my brother a bit lower prescription on purpose saying that his vision would actually improve over time.

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