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is it bad to wear reading glasses when you have perfect vision?

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Is it bad to wear reading glasses if you have perfect vision?
I have 20/20 vision and I've always wanted glasses my whole life. I like how they look. Sometimes I see people wear glasses when they read, is there a reason they wear them? What are reading glasses for? Are there reading glasses for people with good vision?

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asked Apr 16, 2017 in Health by Tron Cat

2 Answers

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Yes, it magnifies the print because their eyes are unable to accommodate (or focus) at a close distance. This happens to everyone as they age, generally in mid 40's and beyond. There is no need for these glasses for anything beyond a few feet, or that is not small like 'print'.

This is what they are for (to read) and why people wear them. :)

No there are not reading glasses for people who can read without them. Though you can wear them and force your eyes to accommodate and still read with the reading glasses on.. with normal vision. It isn't healthy, and is likely to cause eye strain and headache.

What you need are cosmetic glasses. Simple clear, non prescriptive, lenses in frames of your choice. People do wear glasses for style .. although it isn't nearly as common as for function. =)

Go to an eye place and look around, tell them what you desire.. they will accommodate you , I assure :)

Also, you might as well get a thorough eye exam, you probably have some slight degree of astigmatism like the majority of humans.. so you could get a slight, unnecessary, prescriptive lens and have a legitimate reason for the glasses.
answered Apr 16, 2017 by Jared
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I have to disagree with Using reading glasses even if you don't need them won't hurt your eyes necessarily.  

Reading glasses are usually just a magnification lens.  Examples of over the counter reading glasses are +1.00, +2.00, +3.00, etc.  What these numbers refer to is the dioptic power of the lens which inversely correlates to it's focal point which refers to where light will converge after traveling through the lens.  

When you read an object depending on how close you hold it to your eyes determines how much your eyes need to accommodate in order to see that image clearly.  When reading with glasses they will focus the image on your retina so you don't need to accommodate. This is why these are needed by people who are presbyopic which in Latin is old eye which are people who no longer have the ability to accommodate.  So if you are wearing reading glasses even though you don't need to it is not bad for your eyes you just don't need to accommodate.
answered Apr 16, 2017 by Daniel Bastian

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