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Is my book ending good?

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So, in my book, there's this king called Liam. He got betrayed by his younger brother, Jack, and tries to take back the throne akingsidewith his girlfriend/wife Hope. They try to take back the throne, but Liam ends up getting killed. Hope ends up going mad with anger, because she loved Liam, and then, she decided to kill Jack. She makes an alliance with the rebellion, which is basically an army gone rogue. In it, there are two major leaders, Capitan Dan and Colonel Allard. Dan is a main character by himself, and he makes an alliance with Hope to eliminate Allard, his rival, in exchange for army support. He agrees, and then she winshthe armies, and then turns on him. He barely escaped, and realizing that she is insane, he sides with Jack. Jack starts to feel guilty about killing Liam, and names his son Liam. Dan trains Liam, and eventually, it comes down to Hope vs Liam 2. So, the ending is a one on one fight between he two, and she loses. It's on top of a castle, so she almost falls,but he saves her. She kills herself, ashamed of being saved by Liam 2, and so she is rented with Liam 1 in death Liam 2 becomes king. Is it a good ending?
asked Jul 23, 2016 in Arts and Humanities by smyadmin

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