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when you catch a guy staring at you what is he thinking?

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What exactly does a man think while he stares at a woman?

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asked Apr 15, 2017 in Family and Relationships by horhei

2 Answers

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Men are unbelievably simple. We even pride ourselves in this because why make it complicated if you don’t need to?

There is a certain stress-free lifestyle involved in keeping things simple, but that also means that we sometimes keep things too simple.

When it comes to looking at women we are also quite simple.

Most women assume that the man looking at the breasts and the butt think about exactly those things when it is much simpler.

Yes, we do sometimes think “Wow, she has big boobs” or “Wow, she has a nice butt”, but most of the time we think:

“She’s pretty.”

That’s it. There is no reason for this, we do not even know why we think it, there is not even a certain aspect we are looking at, it is just and simply that we think she is pretty.

Doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it?

Asking a man why he thinks that will lead to about as much useful information as asking a wall why it never moves.

It may be the way her nose bends slightly to the right makes her entire face look insanely cute, or the way one stray curl suddenly makes the whole hairstyle give her a mysterious vibe.

Maybe it is the way she is standing that makes the dress enticingly envelop her body, creating an image one has to stare at.

Or maybe it is simply the fact that we like her face.

Who knows? The fact is that men probably do not even know why they are staring, they just do.

If the man really does have a thought, you can be sure it is something simple, to the point, and something that simply gives him enough reason to stare.

answered Apr 15, 2017 by Lukas Schwekendiek
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When I stare at a girl/woman I begin to question my preconditioning and society's unquestioned stance against staring. I wonder why I am feeling a growing sense of unease and discomfort. My brain is telling me that I shouldn't stare at her. I feel like I am being rude. I could understand if I were a bat or a dolphin and was pounding her with echolocation. But human sight is a passive sense. Suddenly I realize I got lost in thought and she's noticed I am staring at her. Now I have to lean slightly and pretend I was looking at something behind and beyond her, or avert my gaze suddenly so she thinks I am a creepy man who got caught.

Sometimes I am more stubborn and just keep staring at her intensely, widening my eyes, to see if I can push past the discomfort. I figure it is a bit like jogging through a stitch. Sometimes I like to walk in a straight line with my eyes shut to see how far I can get without freaking out. It's a bit like that.

I wonder if girls even realize that they cause politeness driven sensory deprivation whenever they occupy my field of view. Each girl is like a box on my vision that is labelled "it's rude to stare here". It's worse when they are nearer because they get bigger for some reason.  Sometimes there are so many girls in view that they form a maze of peril I have to weave my eyes through. In some places it is worse like on the tube where there are only small islands of politeness. The tube station map is quite a good place to stare at. I think that's why they have put it there. Someone should put a sticker on it saying "stare safe zone". I can look up there and pretend I am calculating my complex journey, better than being rude. Even staring at the advertisement about tampons for 15 minutes is better than being rude.

Maybe society is wrong though and it is actually no ruder to stare at people in public than it is to stare at lions at the zoo. No-one stares at the "don't feed the animals" sign. It is natural to closely look at the most interesting thing. The walls and floor are often repetitive and boring and even the clouds outside and aeroplane get boring quite quickly. Anyway this is what I tend to think about when I stare at girls, although I try not to it has become a huge waste of time.
answered Apr 15, 2017 by James Sutherland

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