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what does it mean when a guy stares at you from across the room?

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What does it mean when a guy stares at you from across the room?
I have this friend his name is Joey and lately i have caught him staring at me when he is on the other side of the room then he will smile and wave i do the same to him the only thing is he is like my brother my actual brother died in combat he was in the U.S. Army so Joey became my brother after that if you can help me thanks!

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asked Apr 15, 2017 in Family and Relationships by smyadmin

2 Answers

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Why do guys stare at you from across the room, but then when you look at them they turn away.?
I like this boy and he is in my math class and everytime I look at him he turns away like he wasn't looking at me.
answered Apr 15, 2017 by Naguru
He thinks your pretty and he "thinks" you could never be interested in him. So next time it happens simply smile "softly" and then look away or down. In a few days say something to him like I like your shirt etc. and leave it there, then in a few more days. Say hi (Jim or bob or what ever his name is) and just give him a slight smile. The next day say something about the class, poke fun of the teacher in a sweet way, not nasty. The next day ask him if he understood what the teacher was explaining. And as if he could give you a few minutes to explain it to you. If he says, yeah don't understand it either. The just smile and say something like want to eat lunch together? Sounds like the guy is shy...so he'll be happy for the invitation. Slow and easy is the way with shy guys.
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He stares into my eyes, always looks at me across the room and tries to be around me. Does he like me?
answered Apr 15, 2017 by kim
Maybe. But what if he likes you because you look like his ex who dumped him? What if he's a con artist and thinks you look like a profitable mark he can exploit? What if he's most attracted to women he thinks are weak and easy to control? Would you be flattered then? What if he thinks he can Cosby you?

Are you physically attractive in an outstanding way? If so, his interest may be, um, narrow-spectrum.

Do you dress or behave in a way that would be considered a bit flirtatious in your culture? If so, he may believe you're easy to seduce--to conquer--after which he would just move on to the next prey. Sometimes a man may appear totally fascinated with a woman, and be fascinated, but have zero interest in turning that fascination into a lifelong commitment. What he says to you and his microgestures around you often betray what he really thinks of you. Most people have many windows through which you can observe their soul. Metaphorically speaking.

All this can be especially confusing across cultures. In college in the 60s I knew some students from the Congo. They believed all American women were sluts, both because they wore tight pants, and also because women from their own culture acted in a very reserved manner around males. So they interpreted American friendliness as a direct sexual come-on and were outraged when American women they met weren't willing to let them copulate with them immediately.

That's an extreme example, but in my travels I've seen that in every third-world country a certain number of young men of that country cannot be persuaded that single women travelers from abroad didn't go to their country for the purpose of having sex with local men. Anything else was completely outside their understanding of men and women.

Back to you:

When he's around you does he mostly try to tell you about himself, or does he try to find out more about you? Like, what you think? Do his responses to what you say generally pursue your ideas, or do they just lead him to talk more about himself?

That is, exactly what about you has he shown an interest in? All you described could be strictly physical attraction.

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