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Is it appropriate for a young female teacher hug and kiss a special ed male high school student?

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Can teachers kiss or hug their students as a form of caring?
My culture is a non-touching one. So kissing and hugging at school is never seen. I wonder how it is like in other culture.
asked Apr 13, 2017 in Education and Reference by anonymous

2 Answers

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The situation in the UK, is pretty much the same as your country and the same as Paul has described for antipodean countries. Whilst it might be deemed appropriate for a female teacher to hug a primary aged student if they are in distress, it isn't generally deemed appropriate for teachers to touch children in any capacity other than to restrain them if they are about to hurt themselves or others. Restraint is very regulated and if you don't follow guidelines, it is also pretty easy to get convicted of assault.

As a result there is a very hands off approach to teaching here.
answered Apr 13, 2017 by Jon Evans
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Can a female teacher hug a male student in high school?
answered Apr 13, 2017 by Tyler Miller
There is hardly any one right answer for this. It depends on context, social norms, the relationship between the two etc. I do not see why hugging a male student by a female teacher would be wrong in itself.
Such displays of care and affection is not considered a problem or unprofessial in Norwegian community.
Can a female teacher hug a male high school student on his birthday?
My mother was a teacher for about two decades. She taught elementary and junior high. One of the things she instilled in me is that we never, ever touch students unless it is absolutely necessary.
I’ve done a pretty good job of following that instruction. I’ve had students run up and hug me, especially when we’re dealing with graduation. I never initiate and make it pretty obvious that I’m uncomfortable.
I think this is a pretty good idea regardless of the genders in question. As a teacher, you spend about $20,000 just on credentialling. Why on Earth would you do anything to endanger yourself?
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