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is it appropriate for an invited teacher to attend a student's sweet 16 party?

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Should I invite some of my teachers to my Sweet Sixteen party?
I want to invite 5 of them, but are teachers allowed to attend student parties? I'm only inviting very few schoolmates so they won't be around a lot of students from school, and it'll be a classy party, not a crazy teenager party. Would inviting them be a good idea? I'm not afraid of getting rejected by the way...and I'm going to invite them no matter what, but I just want to know if it'd be appropriate.

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asked Apr 13, 2017 in Education and Reference by anonymous

2 Answers

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Usually it is looked at as "imapropiate" for teachers to be at a student party unless they are a family member also. I wouldn't personally bc the teachers would probally be a problem and you couldn't get drunk, do drugs and **** people and all of that other fun sweet sixteen stuff.
Hope i helped :D btw happy birthday!
Common sense
answered Apr 13, 2017 by Pez
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Is it ever appropriate to invite a teacher to a party in your home?
I've been a welcomed volunteer in my daughter's first grade class and her teacher and I seem to have a great relationship. We are having a medium-sized holiday party with about 30 adults and kids (about half of the guests are associated with her class) and I'd like to invite her and her husband. Would it be better to just not ask, knowing that she probably can't or won't say yes?
answered Apr 13, 2017 by Grant
I'd probably wait until after your child has graduated from her class....that's just me though. I think she'd find it more of a compliment in a year if you told her how you remembered how lovely of a person she was and that you wanted to maintain a friendship, even after your child is done with her class.
I would not. If you have neighbors or other people you know that were to find out I believe they would have an uneasy feeling about it, even if you really just click with her and are being kind with no other motives. You will likely also cause her stress if she has to think about it. Wait until next year when your child is no longer in her specific class.
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