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Is it weird that I'm 24 and I have a thing for a 60 year old man?

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I have always dated guys my age and never thought of being with an older man, much less a 60 year old! I met this man at a party with my family. My dad introduced me to him by his first name, so I didn't recognize who he was or his profession-he actually looks like he's in his late 30s and is in better shape than me!!. I talked with this man for the entire party. He was the sweetest man I've ever met and we had so much in common! Talking to him I found out he was a doctor, so I then assumed he's probably in his 40s, which is still ok. Later talking to my parents I found out he's actually the same age as him! (61ish) I live in a small town where you don't see old rich men going around with young girls. Plus I found out he is extremely wealthy, which in most cases would be a good thing, but in my case would make me just look like a gold digger (which isn't necessary because my family is already wealthy). And even worse, he works frequently with my dad and they are good friends. I'm so conflicted because I'm worried about how bad our relationship would look, and even more how it would affect my dad. My mom wants for me to go for it (she's a gold digger and I hate that about her ).
Update: Before I realized who he was I felt like he liked me too and he even asked me if I wanted to go hiking with him sometimes, but now that I know that he works with my dad maybe he was just being nice to his friend's daughter...I don't know if I should "persue" him or just let it go. It's been a while since I've been so smitten...I wish we were in another place where this would be more acceptable or we were closer in age..
Update 2: I have had sex with "viral" younger men. for me it was ok, but uneventful and not what I thought sex would be like. I do have a very high libido, but after all my dating experiences have left me wanting, I prefer being with a good person who I can mentally connect with. Who knows? maybe that is what was missing and if i can connect mentally with someone the sex will be better? This is the first time I have been attracted to a much older man though...a senior citizen...i'm still in shock! o.o
Update 3: He has never been married; apparently he dedicated his whole life to his work and helping people. I would have thought he was gay until I found out he had recently been rejected by a 40 yr old woman he was courting.
Update 4: Also, I am old at heart-I have tried clubbing and going out late at night a couple of times-always hated it. I have dedicated my life to classical music and arts and I don't have much connection with modern pop culture. I have hardly any friends my age-most of them are over 40, even 60 (but I've never had amorous feelings for any of them).
Update 5: Anonymous brought up good points though. Even if he returned my interest, it would put him and my dad in an awkward situation and cause a lot of gossip, maybe even ruin their professional reputations, and thats the last thing I want...so nothing...I'll just move on and hope I find a younger version of him...plus imagine the sh*t figure I would make if I hit on him and all this time he was just being cordial with his colleague's daughter! XD
asked Aug 28, 2016 in Family and Relationships by smyadmin

1 Answer

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how do you know he doesn't have kids, a wife, grandkids? Or even likes you? Cause a 60yr old guy might not be attracted to a 20yr old. Let alone the daughter of one of his good friends. Would his family/colleagues/friends accept him? Is that important to him? You think he'd trade his friendship with your dad because you have a crush on him? Do you even know him? Or are you just attracted to him? You understand with him it won't be "fling" right? He's planning on retiring soon, I imagine he isn't into clubbing, movies, or even the same taste in music. Are you ok with that?

Weirder things have happened I imagine, you do what you want lad. Just know every action has a consequence.
answered Aug 28, 2016 by moscl
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