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can i wear colored contacts over my prescription contacts?

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Can i wear colored contacts over my prescription contacts?
Hey guys I have a question! I wear prescription contacts, I'm practically blind -.- I'm going to a Halloween party and wanted to wear white contacts on top of my prescription contacts. I know that this isn't recommended at all, but it's only for one night for a couple of hours, is this really dangerous? Can something very bad happen if I do this?! Thank you !!

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asked Apr 8 in Health by syring

4 Answers

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Maybe wear the white contacts (alone) under your glasses*? Not sure if glasses would mess up your costume or not.

*If you are "practically blind" without contacts, you definitely ought to have a pair of glasses, even if just for "emergency use" if something ever happened that you couldn't wear contacts (like got pink eye, scratched a cornea, etc) it would really be a major problem.
answered Apr 8 by Flying Dragon
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Can you wear colored contacts over prescription contacts?
Don't do that, because contact lenses are not meant to be worn that way and it could be harmful to your eyes.

However, not sure why you would want to do that, but if it is because you would like to change your eye color and be able to see at the same time, then you can just buy prescription color contacts.

Prescription color contacts such as Freshlook and Air Optix, are contacts that change your eye color that you can order in your prescription so you can see. This is just 1 lens on your eye but you can see and have a new eye color at the same time!

No need to risk your eye health by doubling up on lenses.
answered Apr 8 by Stacy Giovanni
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Can you wear contact lenses layered in your eye, one on top of another?
That is not generally recommended.

The one situation where this has been tried in the past is in keratoconics. Keratoconics need hard rigid gas permeable contact lenses to see better, but sometimes cannot tolerate them because of the corneal irregularity.

So in the past some optometrists might try 'piggybacking' contact lenses ie put on a soft contact lens, and then a hard lens on top of the soft lens. This gives better comfort.

Nowadays there are scleral and semi scleral contact lenses for these patients so it is unnecessary to use piggybacking even for these distorted corneas.
answered Apr 8 by Por Yong Ming
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Can You Put Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses Over Normal Prescription Contact Lenses?
Can you wear colored contacts over regular contacts?

Like you would first put on your prescription lenses, and then you would put on colors lenses. Is it okay to wear them at the same time or does that not work? I’d like to wear colored ones but I also have to wear prescription contacts and the ones that are colored are cheaper.

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answered Apr 8 by psycho
One of 2 things will happen. Either the extra thickness will cause the top lens to keep " floating" off when you blink and not stay where it should be, or they will dry out in between and stick together, causing them both to tear when you try to separate them.

Your eyes will also be getting 0 oxygen through double lenses…not a smart idea at all to do.

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