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are colored contacts bad for your eyes?

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Are colored contacts bad for your eyes?
I want to get red ones for an anime con coming up (I'm being Sebastian from Black Butler, btw). He has bright red eyes, but my dad is saying that the contacts harm vision and the overall being of your eyes. Is that true? I don't need a subscription. My dad won't let me get them, but my mom will let me get them if I have solid proof that they don't harm your eyes. Please help!

Also, what's a good website/store on Long Island to get colored contacts? I know its hard to find them now that Halloween is way over, but I need them soon.

Update: HAHAHA you're right xD I meant prescription xDDDD I've been watching too much Youtube xDDDDDD

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asked Apr 8, 2017 in Health by PiranhaSlayer

4 Answers

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I have worn contacts before to events like that haha :) Well I bought a few pairs and they average about $25 to $50 depending on where you get them. The kind i bought were by a brand called 'Geo'. To be honest, contacts are really hard because you have to get them the right size and make sure they fit your eye. Mine were too big and they kind of moved around on my eye. They were very uncomfortable and I could only bear to wear them for about two hours, and i noticed some redness in my eye after i took them off and my eyes felt sore. If you are going to get them, make sure you buy the 'soft contacts' not the 'hard contacts' because those can scratch your eye and damage your cornea.
But... there are some color contacts that are great. I wear color contacts everyday and I don't need a prescription. I have naturally brown eyes and I wanted blue eyes so now I can have them :) The ones I wear are pretty good, they're soft contacts and the brand is 'Acuvue 2'. I've been wearing them for about a year and my eyes feel great, i cant even feel the contacts once i put them in. I just forget they're there. These are however, more for people who want to wear color contacts on a regular basis. But if this is something that appeals to you then... :)
hope i helped xD
answered Apr 8, 2017 by charleton
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Are coloured contact lenses bad for your eyes?
I think the idea of being able to enhance or change my eye colour is great. I don't need glasses / contacts, I just want to change my eye colour.
Assuming I follow the instructions and keep them clean etc, is it still bad for my eyes to wear contacts if I don't need them?
answered Apr 8, 2017 by Luke M
iv worked in optics for 5 years and can tell you coloured contact lenses are perfectly safe depending how you go about it.
If you do not need a prescription you should still get them from an optician, if you buy them from a shop that just tends to sell them i.e argos or piercing shops they can damage ur eye because most people are not 100% on the procedure of putting them in and out, you dont get any solutions with them (conditioning and cleaning solution) and the material they use is harder which can cause irritation.

If you still fancy coloured lenses go to your local optician they will need an up todate eye tst, even if its an eye test that says you dont need glasses, and u to date, being within the last year, the optician will put somelenses in your eyes and you will wander about for about 20 mins to see if you find them comfortable, then the optician will check your eyes have taken to them, if they have they will sit you down with someone who will teach you how to safely take them in and out!

They are fun,

good luck
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Are colored lenses harmful for eyes? Are colorless contact lenses better for daily use?
answered Apr 8, 2017 by Stacy Giovanni
It depends. If you're not prone to contact lens complications and you don't sleep in the contact lenses (none of them are FDA-approved for overnight wear) and you take care of them properly, they're probably not harmful. However, if you do overwear them, sleep in them, don't clean them, etc, then you could end up with some nastiness. They're not as breathable and often feel drier than other contact lenses.

On the other hand, silicon hydrogel lenses are more breathable lenses, allowing more oxygen through the lens to your eye, which is good especially for higher prescriptions that have thicker lenses. There are currently no approved color contacts made of silicon hydrogel materials (I think it's due to the difficulty in getting color into the materials).

Definitely want to emphasize Dr. Paepke's warning about making sure they're professionally evaluated and fitted and not just buying random contact lenses in sketchy places like gas stations and unapproved websites.
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Colored lenses are often made of the exact same materials as clear contact lenses so there is no significant difference in safety profile.  

However, this assumes that the lenses were evaluated and prescribed by an eye care professional.  Colored lenses have a habit of turning up for sale without a prescription at some "interesting" locations (ie. gas stations).  A lens that is not professionally evaluated on the eye can quite easily lead to severe and potentially permanent vision loss.  The internet is littered with stories of people who purchased a pair without a valid prescription and suffered the consequences.
answered Apr 8, 2017 by Brett Paepke

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