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how long can you keep colored contacts in your eyes?

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Coloured contact lenses? how long can you wear them for?
it says for upto 90 days. but im interested in how many hours a day you can wear them for? thankyou :)
how many hours before its not safe.

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asked Apr 7, 2017 in Health by macpherson

2 Answers

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It really depends on the brand of contact lenses, I assume your talking about the fashion contact lenses, with colours or patterns on not contacts for correcting vision.

I've worn coloured contacts for a while now, they used to not last very long, about 30days max but they do seem to be getting better.

If you've never worn them before you'll probably find them a bit strange and uncomfortable for about an hour but after that you'll probably forget you've even got them in, except people will comment on them loads! :-)

You shouldn't wear them constantly anyway, they say on mine you should only wear them for 8 hours a day, although I often wear mine longer than this and don't have any problems, you should take them out when you go to bed, or if they start getting uncomfortable (scratchy) during the day, so keep the little pot or a contacts container with you so you can take them out and not lose them, when your not wearing them you have to look after them, keep them in solution, or else they will dry out and become brittle and too itchy to wear.

Just wearing mine during the day (and sometimes not wearing them) I can make them last for three months, But my friends who wear them have found they can still only get theirs to last a month or two before they become too itchy to wear.

They should cost between £20-40 unless you order online. you can find plain coloured ones for as little as £7 but be careful of quality. you may find that one companies lenses are nice and comfortable and anothers, even if more expensive, may be itchy and painful and no good for your eyes, just be prepared to be disappointed as sometimes it happens to me still and i've been wearing them for years.

Make sure you buy from a decent company, and if your eyes become red or itchy TAKE THEM OUT! you can always buy a new pair of contacts but you only have one set of eyes, be careful with them and look after them, enjoy your new contacts.

-Always buy good lenses (expensive isn't always best, ask around what other people wear and try a couple of brands till you find the best ones for you.
-Take them out if your eyes become red or itchy, and before you go to bed.
-Keep them in solution when their not in and they should last the stated time if you look after them.

do these things and they should last as long as they say or longer.
Personal experiance.
answered Apr 7, 2017 by Dom the Phoenix
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How long can you wear colored contacts? Are they as safe as prescription contacts?
answered Apr 7, 2017 by John Rodriguez
It depends on the brand.

Colored contacts are still a medical device- even if they are nonprescription.  You should still be seeing a doctor for an exam and getting a written prescription to buy them.  In fact, in most states it's not legal to purchase contact lenses of any type without a prescription.

Most colored lenses aren't as comfortable as the standard clear lenses, and the tech hasn't quite kept up- mostly because there isn't as high a demand.  But there are colored lenses in the entire range- ones you throw out every single day (single use or "dailies"), two week disposables, one month disposables, flex disposables (usually around three months, but you need to clean and store them properly), daily wear lenses (about a year, but again you must clean and store them properly).  None should be slept in, and all should be taken care of following the schedule and regimen your doctor gives you.

As for "safe"?  Contact lenses actually have a very high rate of complication in general.  However, this is less for the safety of the lens itself and more due to the fact that around three quarters of contact lens patients are noncompliant- this means that they don't clean and store their lenses as directed, they wear them too long, they don't replace them on schedule, they sleep in them, they don't use the proper solutions, they don't get frequent exams.  I have a lot of horror stories from college, when I worked for my cousin's optical practice.  Contact lenses again are a medical device- not an accessory or a fashion choice.  Care should be taken with them.

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