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i don't want to go to college anymore what should i do?

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I don't want to go to college anymore?
So... I'm a Freshman at a private college. I'm in winter quarter right now and I already dislike college. I feel that most of the work is bullshit and I realize that right now I'm taking my prerequisites but still. The university is very nice, I like the class sizes, most of the professors aren't too bad, but I don't believe that the best way to learn is through preparing students for an exam. I love learning, I got a 3.7 GPA in high school and a 3.7 fall quarter of college but still... I'm tired of studying and I'm tired of this on going pressure on students to know everything about the material because then it just leads to memorization instead of actually learning something. I feel like my life is being wasted away because all I do is study, do homework, and sleep. I don't have any friends because I'm too focused on studying. The only time that I do socialize is on weekends and it's with my boyfriend. I'm getting depressed and feel like college is becoming pointless, even though I know that you need college to "get a good job." I understand that, but I feel like I'm missing something out of my life... Like purpose and self accomplishment. Yeah, if I go through college then I've accomplished a degree.. Yeah, a little piece of paper that says that I'm "educated" and that I've spent 4 years of my life slaving away to become an "acceptable member of society." I have all this pressure because out of all of my older siblings, only one of them finished college and because I'm the last one, I feel like I'm the prize and last hope of my parents; the kid who does things right and finishes what they've started. I'm burned out with the whole idea of studying for most of your life to get a single piece of document allowing me a place in society. I know you're not suppose to get things handed to you, and I don't expect that. I just want actual meaning in my life other than than this bullshit that they've been shoving down your throat since you were born. Anyone else feeling this way? How do you guys deal with it or have dealt with it?

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asked Mar 20, 2017 in Education and Reference by KC Edventures

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While it does get better as you go along, as an undergrad, you are basically just absorbing data. In your junior and senior year you start to actually think ans do stuff with all that knowledge. However, the real reward comes in graduate school where you are expected to no longer learn facts and data but you are expected to integrate it to do new and exciting things with it.

If you persevere until you get to that level, you will have access to learning and research opportunities that undergrads never even hear about.

For example, at grad school getting her masters, my daughter got a fellowship to DC where she made the contacts that have made her a Washington insider in her chosen field of transportation. And she got a 3/4 ride at grad school and this has led to a full ride for her PhD in civil engineering. At that level, you work with an advisor to design your own program.

At this stage you are doing the crap work that leads to bigger and better things and you are going through the blues that are common at this stage and through until you start your junior year.

I suggest you stick with it anyway but do talk about it with your friends. I think you will see they are in a similar mood. We all went through this.
answered Mar 20, 2017 by Chuckles
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I don't want want to be in college anymore what should I do?
answered Mar 20, 2017 by Robt
What are the reasons that you don't want to be in college any more and how old are you? You need to be aware that the completed 4 year college degree is replacing the decades old high school diploma in the labor market across the United States. I say the word "completed" because there is a 50% drop out rate across the nation because students aren't willing to put whatever time and effort is needed to accomplish their class work. This information is from the Federal Reserve Board out of Atlanta. Don't let whatever your situation is discourage you. Go to the counseling department at your school and talk to them about it.

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