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i want to dropout of college but my parents wont let me?

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How do I convince my parents to let me quit college?
I'm 18 years old, currently in my third year in a 3-year art course program that can be extended to 4 years to attain a degree. Even as a kid, i've always hated school. I had high hopes everything would be better in college (taking up what I used to consider a dream course, nonetheless), but apparently it hasn't. And then I started looking up on alternatives online and found they weren't so bad, and even if things didn't turn out as pretty as I hope, I've already set my mind I would regret nothing. I've tried talking to my mom about quitting a couple of times, but she always just shrugs it off. Recently, I tried again with a new approach, asking her if it's okay if i just get my certificate(for the 3-year-program) and not go on to get a degree anymore. I figured that's way better than simply dropping out and not getting anything at all. Still, she wouldn't compromise. She went on talking about it won't give me a title, and I'm already on the second-half anyway, and that i'd definitely regret it later in my work. Then she told me to just consider it as something I'm doing for her, and how happy it would make her to finally have one of us siblings graduate with a degree. Just what am I to say to that?

Well, the thing is, I'm really having difficulties, and I really think that going on with college at this point is just a waste of time and money. My mom won't take anything as an excuse as she thinks I'm this intelligent child just having a bit of laziness problem. Which is simply not the case. I already have a couple of deficiencies in the current program I'm in and if I were to continue to the degree program, that would mean double the academic load for me, and of course extra cash out. A total nightmare considering how I (academically), and our family's financial status is struggling now -- you can just imagine the kind of parent my mom is--. All those can be simply forgone if they'd just let me make the decision. I've never had any problems with hard work, as long as it's not academic, anyway. What should I do to convince her of that?

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asked Mar 17, 2017 in Education and Reference by MomSezNo

2 Answers

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This is a question that resonates with many people. I myself am just few years down one of the roads u can take. I too come from a family that hasn't gone on to do higher education then bang the economy in my country went crazy and everyone was going to college. I wanted to do somthing practical but being the oldest child i had to at least try university cos its free in my country. So i Did a 4 year hon degree hating the last 2 years but like yourself working hard to achieve it. Then my countrys economy went bust and theres no jobs at all here now. So i moved to another European country to get a job but couldnt find one so i started a masters in the hope that my education and cv wouldnt look stale but the msc is a real bridge too far and i cant keep kidding myself im going to like the job i get out of it! I feel a simpler life was my goal but with every exam i took life just got harder and further than what i wanted it to be. If you dont see yourself working in a job related to your potential qualification, please have a good long think about it. I dont want to tell u what to do cos your 18 and im a 23 yr old random person from the internet. What i would do would be to sit my mum down and talk about an idea that u WANT to follow, i.e. a career path and try and fit in the cert as a foundation to achieving this. So that way it wasnt a waste and ur doing somthing completely different. If this isnt workable try and stress how important it is at this point in ur life that u pick the right path for you! My parents put me under the same pressure and i have a good qualification but i havent used it so who was right me or them? time will tell 4 me i suppose but u can choose. Good luck with it and dont worry it always works out!
answered Mar 17, 2017 by Anony
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Why won't my parents let me drop out of college?
so I'm in my second year of a commerce degree and I absolutely hate it. I first started college without knowing what I wanted to do and ended up choosing geology which wasn't for me so I decided to pick up commerce. I first started with management and marketing and then changed to economics and now I'm in property valuation. I have my reasons for changing and it's too much to explain but that isn't the issue.  I've tried everything to adapt and I just can't stand it anymore, it'd gone on to the point that I'm constantly suffering from anxiety and stress but I wouldn't say depression. I feel as though commerce won't get me a job and even if it does it won't be for a while.  

I've always wanted to be a tradesman and have been fascinated with the electrical side. alot of my friends from highscool are doing and not one has complained about,  in fact they love it.

The problem for me is that I'm from an ethnic background and my parents have this belief that uni is the only way to go. They beleive that labourers are all low class and just see them as a bunch of uneducated bogans.  

when I mentioned  it to them they were furious and told me if I was to become a tradesman that I was no longer welcome in the house and that I should move out and not contact them anymore.  An extreme reaction which has kickstarted of all sorts of anxiety attacks and I just can't deal with it. They think I'm lazy and weak and don't want to put in the hard yards which isn't the issue.

What should I do?
answered Mar 17, 2017 by Pamella Vacik Hennigan
Okay the bottom line is this: your parents do not own you, and you should not live your life for their sake.

If you want to drop out, do it, and then go kick ass at something else and they'll eventually come around. If they don't, build your own family one day and they can be part of it if they change their minds.

Your parents probably think they're doing the right thing. They came of age in a world that is very quickly disappearing. The worst thing you can do is to prepare for life doing the exact same things they did, because the old career and educational advice is not working anymore.

One of the things you'll learn when you get out of school is that your parents are not omniscient. They are not experts on everything, and to be quite honest, they aren't necessarily much smarter than you. Like you, they're still figuring things out and you should treat them like that.

What I mean is this: grow up.

As far as this hostility to blue collar work goes, that's nonsense.

You and your parents should read the following:

4 Myths About the Trades | The Art of Manliness
Diplomas vs. Dirty Jobs
11 High-Paying Blue Collar Jobs with Mike Rowe
Forbes Welcome
The Fountainhead
There are other alternatives as well.

You can join a code academy, or something like Praxis.

But don't, don't, don't, don't ever sacrifice your vision for yourself for your parents pride. I see too many young people do that today and it will only lead to unhappiness and resentment later on in life.

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