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Is it REALLY better to stay together for the kids or divorce and make kids switch houses ?

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I ask because my parents stayed together.
I endured lots of fighting, screaming, parents telling me the other parent was horrible. Despite
This they said they had to stay together for myself and my brother. When they got divorced it was a happy day. That being said I also remember how happy I was to go to the same home everyday and have the same routine. My husband left me so I didn't get a choice in the divorce. We have joint custody so the kids have to be with me for a few days and then with their dad for a few days. I ask them if this bothers them. They say sometimes they miss their friends at my house but they don't seem to mind. It bothers me because I don't feel whole when they are gone. I don't know. Which is the better choice when the marriage is fractured ?
asked Aug 28, 2016 in Family and Relationships by smyadmin

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