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My husband wants to have sex everyday but I'm tired what do I do?

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I'm 27 and my husband is 30. I'm biracial and he's white. He acts like a typical white man and annoys me all the time. We have 5 children the youngest is 2 months old. My husband works long hours and I appreciate him for that but he's so annoying. He leaves a mess wherever he is and makes stupid jokes.

We have been together for several years now. I'm not in love with him and haven't been for a while now. It's just the same old every day he works I take care of the kids and cook. There's no excitement. We are on holiday with the kids and his parents atm. I can't stand his mother but I'm grinning bearing her because of the kids. My husband has a huge libido and the kids spend most of the time with their grand parents so we have time for ourselves. He wants us to have sex all the time. I'm tired and I just eant to relax I mean this is my holiday as well and the baby is so young. And what if his parents hear us because their room is next to ours. Isn't he being selfish when he knows how tired I am?
asked Aug 28, 2016 in Family and Relationships by smyadmin
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