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how to move out of your parents house at 18?

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I want to move out of my parents house at 18?
I turn 18 in 5 months, and i plan on moving out of my parents house. My dad could be very verbally abusive at times, and both of my parents are strict, i could only go out on Saturday, once a week, with a curfew, (which is only about 2-3 hours). I honestly do not like getting treated like a baby with curfews and only being able to go out on Saturdays. Right now I'm 17, i'm a teenager! I should be living my teenage life, i should be going out with friends and having fun, but my parents think not. I try to explain to my mom that i want to be able to go out without having to worry about getting back on time, when i go out my boyfriend always complains that i don't have fun and let loose because i'm always checking my phone to make sure i get home on time. When i move out i plan on moving in with my boyfriend, he is 21, and he has an amazing paying job, i know he is older than me but i love him and my parents approve of him. We've already looked at apartments and chose which one is perfect for us. I've tried explaining to my mom that i'm moving out when i'm 18 but she says that i cant, and i tell her that i legally can and she wouldn't be able to do anything about it but to accept it and move on, my father on the other hand, i haven't spoken to about it because I'm scared of what he might say, he is verbally abusive, and i just don't want to cause a scene. My parents fight a lot and some times it gets physical and I'm always the one to jump in front of my dad to stop him from trying to hurt my mom, but i don't think living in this hostile environment is healthy for me, i want to move out and start a life of my own. I just want some advice and support, how do i break the news to them in a way that wont cause a scene when the time comes?

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asked Feb 28, 2017 in Business and Finance by sergi

2 Answers

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Just leave. Tell them that you're leaving. They will in return tell you that you're in your own, you're cut off, make sure you have a job and can your way through school if you plan on going, and that you can cover all your own expenses that they currently cover (like the cell phone, car, car insurance, rent, food, etc.) so just keep that in mind. I left home at 16 years old. I held down 3 jobs and still finished school but my husband whom I married at 19 (no we do not have any kids) greatly helped to support me. So just make sure you're stable and so is he. Good luck with everything.
answered Feb 28, 2017 by Haylee
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At the age of 18 can I move out of my parents house without their permission?
I'll be 18 soon and I was planning to move out of the house but my parents told me if i moved in with another family it was illegal.and is it illegal to have someone in the house that had anger problems in the same house as one kid around 8? thanks for your time
answered Feb 28, 2017 by Quanah
At age 18, you can move out without your parents' permission.

However, be prepared for them to cut off any financial or insurance support they are providing. At 18 you can do what you want, but the flip side is that they no longer have any responsbilities for you.

Good luck!!
On your 18th birthday you are an adult & you can do anything you want.

However, you cannot take anything that you have unless it was a gift or inherited. If you argue with you, you need to be able to prove it was a gift.

If you have a problem, feel free to call the local police, sheriff or constable for guidance and/or advice. In fact, you might want to call them in advance & ask for their advice on what they would do. Each office would handle this matter differently. Often they will send an officer over & make sure that you can leave in a safe manner. It is often a good idea to call in advance & tell them there might be a problem. Be calm & rational -- it goes a long way.

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