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What are Metrolinedirect.com's pricing and packages? How do they compare on value vs other Consumer Electronics sites?

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Alexa.com’s High Impact Search Queries for metrolinedirect.com reveals that their product with the “Highest impact Factor” is the Nortel Meridian M3903 Enhanced Telephone (NTMN33) costing US$59.00. Next to the ranks comes the Avaya 9630 IP Telephone which retails at $249.00 for brand new products and for pre-owned or slightly-used (termed as “Like New”) it costs $159.00. Their prices when compared to Amazon is higher particularly for the above mentioned two products: Nortel Meridian Telephone only costs $29.95 and Avaya IP Telephone only costs $199.00 for the brand new and $79.99 for the used one.

asked Feb 21, 2017 in Local Businesses by smyadmin
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