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Can I get glasses with an expired prescription?

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I want new glasses, but my prescription is expired. Do I have to get an eye exam or will they still let me get new ones??

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asked Feb 18, 2017 in Health by Alex

4 Answers

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Like the other guys said, you can order whatever you want online. At an actual optical store, where you have the advantage of trying frames on and having them measured and fitted properly, they may be OK with duplicating the prescription from your existing glasses. Or they may be willing to use an "expired" prescription if you sign a waiver or something. Or, with a scanner and picture editing software you could just change the date and print out a "copy". Unless there's something deeply weird or ambiguous about your prescription, they're not likely to phone the doc and verify. But that's probably against the law, and you risk the glasses police kicking down your door and arresting you for practicing medicine without a license and making a spectacle of yourself.
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answered Feb 18, 2017 by Wombat
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You might try www.zennioptical.com, I just ordered some from them, and their web site never asked who my eye doctor was, a phone #, the date of the prescription, or any kind of verification at all. You could probably put in whatever numbers you wanted and they would make them for you. However, if you feel you don't see well with your current glasses, you might as well get an eye test so the new glasses will be accurate. The test only runs about $50 and your insurance may cover part or all of it.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Flying Dragon
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Order glasses with expired prescription?
My perscription expired last year and I am no longer covered under insurance. Has anyone tried to order glasses with an expired script? I am aware this is not exactly legal.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by MissCindee
Any reputable company will require a prescription within the past two years (at least in Indiana, they are good for two years for glasses and one year for contacts).
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Can an optometrist fill an expired prescription?
My glasses prescription has barely changed in years, and I need some glasses.  Yet the optometrist refused to make lenses to my old prescription.  Is this really illegal?
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Vonda
It may not be illegal, but any doctor that is worth his or her "salt" is going to protect themselves from malpractice claims by insisting that you obtain a new prescription. And they are also going to be thorough, which is what you are going to want from a medical professional.

It would be prudent to have another eye exam done and then using the resulting prescription to obtain new glasses. It will only cost a little more and the exam may uncover issues that you were not aware of.
It is not legally obliged to fill an expired prescription by an optometrist, its totally illegal.

an optometrist is giving an expired prescription only in some circumstaces, guided by law, Optometrists Association’s position is as follows:

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses pose a significant risk to ocular health and vision if they are not prescribed professionally or are not used and maintained correctly.

The Association recommends contact lenses should only be supplied on the presentation of a valid prescription, regardless of type, tinting, optical power or intended use.


Expired prescriptions should not be filled unless there is a compelling reason to do so. whether there is a compelling reason to fill an expired prescription, an optometrist may need to weigh a number of competing priorities.

If an optometrist has reason to believe that filling an expired prescription is likely to endanger the patient or others, then they ought not fill the prescription and instead advise a patient to have a full eye health examination.
Dr. Tania Stevens
Each states laws differ, but in Maryland we cannot refill an eyeglass prescription older than 2 years

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