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What is the best way to carry out this corrupt act?

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Let no please tell me that what I am about to do is immoral and that it is an injustice.
It is actually something very trivial.

I have rented a textbook from the store at my school. It is to be returned on August 8th.
Two days ago I was reading outside by my car and accidently left the book on top of the car when I went inside the house.
Seems simple, right?
But then it rained....
About 20 minutes of rain pass and still don't notice a thing.
And then it suddenly snaps!
I ran outside with an umbrella, grabbed the book and went back home.

Now, that we have the backstory. Let me explain my plan.
First of all, the book is wet, yes...
But it is drying, it is in a readable condition. You can turn the pages, there are no blurred passages, it is all very well.
Luckily, fortune is on my side because I borrowed a USED textbook, not a new one.

When the book dries completely, it will still look used and a little beaten.
But I can always say that I obtained it like that.
It still has a "Used" sticker, they certainly have records that what they lend me was a used book indeed.
I can always say that it was in that condition that I got it. The book was only $30.

But I want to approach this diplomatically yet assertively.
What is the best way I can do this?
asked Jul 23, 2016 in Arts and Humanities by smyadmin

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