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why do my glasses give me a headache behind my ears?

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After wearing glasses, i feel pain behind my ears. So what caused it? IS there anyway to help me release the pain?

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asked Feb 18, 2017 in Health by Rachel
edited Feb 18, 2017

7 Answers

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The pain may caused by the too tight frame of your glasses. When your glasses were so tight, it will leads to poor circulation, then the pain shows up. You need to go straight to the store which you buy the glasses, then ask them to modify the frame for you, I mean, to make it looser. And in order to release the pain you have already got, you need to avoid wearing that unsuitable glasses then slightly rub your back-ears skin.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Debbie
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Really? Wow, your problem is quite rare to be honest. So, I wonder if the type of glasses you wear is too tight for your head size, because that could lead to some painful feelings. Generally speaking, wearing glasses would not cause earaches, so maybe you should try to change a pair and see if the situation gets better and make some decisions afterwards ok? Hope you find this useful.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Jacky S
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I have such problems, too. It is the nerves pressure from the heavy eyeglasses that causes the pain behind the ears. You could choose to change another type of eyeglasses with light weight. Or you could wear the contact lenses to help you have the right vision which will be convenient and makes you look more beautiful.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Trish
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This might have nothing to do with the lenses themselves but with the frames. Perhaps they do not fit your head shape properly and are putting pressure behind your ear. Do you feel any discomfort when you wear them? Any tightness or pushing
If so, take your glasses to an optician to adjust the frames. I had this problem a couple of months ago and had to get my frames exchanged because they were causing bruising on the bone behind my ear.

If not, you may have the wrong prescription and continued strain in the eye may result in various forms of physical pain, however it's unusual that you report this pain behind ears and. I suggest seeing an optometrist and getting your eye pressure checked and perhaps a new prescription.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Erica
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This pain might be a result of the pressure points. I don't know how old you are, but the older we get, more chances are to develop pressure points. This has nothing to do with the frame being tight but everything to do with the age-related changes of your body. See if you can either use a piece of soft cloth between the eyeglass frame and your ears or else use contact lenses. Good luck
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Rachel
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I am experiencing behind the ear pain where even when I put on my glasses it causes a headach causing me to take my glasses off and then back on again throughout the day.  It also appears there is some swelling in that area as if the glasses are creating pain and feels like a tightness around my head in the area where glasses are worn.  I noticed that the pain starts usually when I put on my glasses and releases some refief when glasses are taken off.  It appears to be getting more and more painful.  I am just not sure what doctor to see.  My primary care doctor does not appear to know how to handle this issue, other than to issue a MRI.  I have no non diseases like diabetes at this time.  What do you suggest?
answered Feb 18, 2017 by rere335
did you get new glasses, Allergies. is there a welt or cyst behind your ear? either of these could do it. or it could be neuritis of a specific nerve in that region.
From experince I had those same feelings, I went to see my eye dr and the glasses were to tight and then were loosen, and I was sufferening from an inner ear infection from the pressure.
I get exactly the same thing, and it turned out to be sinus pressure!  I am not congested and don't have any other symptoms; when I get a "sinus Headache", it is almost behind (and above) the ear where my glasses rest.  I take sudafed and it gets much better.  I send you good luck finding out what's causing your pain...
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How do I relieve irritation that my eyeglasses cause to the area behind my ears?
answered Feb 18, 2017 by Pranay Aryal
Either the legs of your glasses are too short for your head, the earpieces are too curved, or they're too tight. Your best bet is to take them to a dispensing optician (NOT Walmart), explain the problem, and ask them to adjust them for you. Most will do it for free. If they don't adjust them in front of you, having you try them on after every adjustment, turn around and walk out.
It sounds as if you need to return to your optician to have the glasses fitted properly. They may be too tight. An optician will be able to warm a plastic frame slightly to bend it into a more comfortable shape.

If you have a metal frame, it is possible you are allergic to the material they are made from (e.g. nickel).

However, a poor fit is the most likely reason you are uncomfortable. While you are waiting to see the optician, get some lightly medicated cream such as a hydrocortisone cream and apply lightly to help with the irritation.

Also, are you showering and not drying behind your ears properly? That might also irritate your ears.
All of us wearing glasses have this painful sensation and I am sure many good tips will be given to you. My tip is to forcefully engage the curve so that my glasses don’t hurt that much. Of course, it is not a brilliant idea because in doing so, I loose the firm grip and they slide easily. Someone has glued with super glue a thin layer of memory foam and I believe this is my next trial. I do also make sure to maintain the area behind the ear in good condition, and when I use moisturizing hand cream I briefly put some behind my ear as well.
1. You might be allergic to metallic frames. Change the material of your frame. You can use fibre frames.
2. Use cotton behind your ears.
3. Roll the end potion of the frame that rests at the back of your ears with cotton thread.
4. If you are affected with infection, make sure your hair is tied back or cut short as it may increase the infection.
5. If you are beginner, you will get used to it. All a part of wearing glasses.

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