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how to heal sore on nose from glasses?

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How can I stop getting a sore nose when wearing glasses?
asked Feb 17, 2017 in Health by smyadmin

3 Answers

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In brief: See your optician
For a better eyeglasses fit.

In brief: Check fit
It is very important to check the fit of frames at the bridge for eyeglass comfort.
Sometimes silicone nosepads can be used or a saddle bridge to distribute the weight. Looking into thinner plastic lenses and lightweight titanium frames can help as well. Please see your optician.
answered Feb 17, 2017 by Dr. David Kira
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My glasses nosepads arecausing major pressure sores on ...
My glasses nosepads arecausing major pressure sores on my face. I''ve had my glasses adjusted and tried nosepads of different materials, but I can''t fix it! I;ve worn glasses for years without this happening but it started last year and no one I''ve seen knows what to do. I can''t wear contacts anymore--I have optic neuritis from ms, and I don''t have any allergies that I know of. Help==the pressure sores are very painful and without Liquid Bandage painted on me, I couldn''t wear my flasses at all. Thank you.
answered Feb 17, 2017 by Rob
Ask your doctor for a prescription for Xenaderm. It is an ointment used to relieve the symptoms and treat pressure sores. Try and keep your glasses off as much as possible to let these sores heal, the liquid bandage may actually be making the sores worse by sealing in moisture and bacteria.
This site will give more information on Xenaderm.
this site will give more information on pressure sores.
I had similar problems when I was in the tropics for several years. I found that by simply changing to a different style of glasses that fit my nose - distributing the pressure better was very effective.
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Regular usage of eye glasses leaves an impression on the nose where it comes in contact with the skin. Initially it will be light and after a few weeks the area becomes darker and when you do not wear glasses the area looks shabby. The skin becomes dark due to hyper pigmentation of the skin. Few people opt for contact lenses, the dark marks will go away with time. The remaining have continued usage of eye glasses just to avoid the hassle of using contact lenses and the precautionary measures associated with it. The best way out will be to use eye glasses that are light weight and having extra soft nose pads.
It is commonly noticed that people who wear glasses since years will have a deeper impression. You can remove your glasses when you can manage as it brings down the contact on skin. If you notice that the impression is increasing as days go by then you may have put on weight, become chubby or the new frame is creating this impression on the nose. Either way consult your eye specialist for further inputs.
Now coming to the hyper pigmentation problem of skin, this can be minimized by following the simple methods.
Clean your face twice or thrice daily to remove all the impurities and the dead skin cells. Plenty of natural cleanser packs are available in the market which is safe for the skin. Go to the kitchen and pick curd or milk and apply it gently on the face for better results.
After a proper face wash , it is essential to apply a moisturizer to avoid skin getting dry and the pigmentation problem increase. There are lots of moisturizing creams from popular brands . You can opt for home made remedies too.
Natural remedies for black marks on nose
Here are some safe ways you can use daily to lighten the pigmentation on your nose naturally.
Rub fresh and thin slice of potato or cucumber or tomato on the pigmented area daily. You can also combine the juice of these three ingredients and use it on the problem area to cleanse and bleach the area. Dip cotton ball in the juice and apply on the black marks.
Use of Vitamin –E rich ingredients like Almond oil or simply a liquid from Vitamin E capsule can help you a lot. Just massage the area daily and get rid of dark marks.
A mixture prepared by combining Oats, honey and milk is also beneficial. Apply it on the affected area to lighten and moisturize it.
Lemon juice is a natural skin lightener. Apply diluted fresh lemon juice on your nose. You can also use apple cider vinegar for this purpose.
Aloe vera juice is another time tested remedy for these black marks. Aloe vera is a natural coolant and heals skin problems quickly.
Apply a paste of dried and powdered orange peel and milk on the area. Keep it for some time and then wash it off. This remedy will gradually help you to clear up pigmented marks.
Apart from all remedies you can keep your skin moist and look young by drinking plenty of water. The toxins will get flushed out and your skin will become hydrated. Eat a balanced diet with fruits vegetables. Moreover try to keep the glasses clean and germ free. Clean the glass frame and glasses twice daily to avoid straining of eyes. Discuss your problem with the dermatologist to get a proper treatment.
answered Feb 17, 2017 by nostros

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