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should i wear my glasses all the time farsighted?

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I just got glasses because I am farsighted do i have to wear my glasses all the time?
My prescription is .5 on both eyes, and My eye doctor told me I can wear the glasses all the time, that I don't have to take them off. Everything from a distance looks the same with or without the glasses, I only see differently when I read, I usually like to leave them on so I don't have to be taking them on and off every time I read, But every time I have my glasses on and I'm not reading my parents tell me to take them off, that if I wear them all the time my eyes will get worse. Is that true?

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asked Feb 17, 2017 in Health by smyadmin

6 Answers

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Wearing them all the time will not weaken your eyes. If you're farsighted you only need the glasses for reading. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't wear them all the time, it might be more convenient to just leave them on all the time. But you don't need them all the time.
answered Feb 17, 2017 by Mr. Smartypants
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You can improve your eyesight by simply learning, naturally and practicing the correct way to see for a few small minutes a day.
You can check this method based on a scientific researches :


if glasses are worn continuously over time the poor vision will generally become worse. Essentially what glasses do is lock the eyes into their refractive state and in order to see through your lenses you have to maintain the poor vision that the lenses are designed to correct.
"Restore my vision” program you'll be taken by the hand, it shows you how to improve your vision naturally, permanent and complete solution.
Even the American Optometric Association has been forced to admit these things!
I'm sure that you will not regret your decision
answered Feb 17, 2017 by TEK33
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You can do a little research on the theories of Vision Therapy, Alexander Technique and other mind-body specialties. There are proponents of VT who say that using glasses as a steady wearer is like fixing a broken leg permanently with crutches. VT was a big interest to Alduous Huxley and others years ago; there are at least several books written for the popular culture on it.

They believe that tension makes eyes worse, and a lot of their work is for the client to learn how to recognize their own tension, and equip them with relaxation techniques.

I am nearsighted, and I take my long distance glasses* to read, eat, and look into my purse for my library card. When I was younger, and I had just been prescribed glasses, I used to feel odd seeing everything so clearly, 'scientifically' I used to call it. I used to enjoy taking them off now and then to take walks and see the trees in the blurry way I was used to, with the shapes kind of beautifully recreating constantly in a breeze.

I was told that if I wore my glasses more, my disparate eye Rxes would would come toward each other, that if I did not, I was already close to developing a lazy eye. So I wore them. PS--later in life my eyes did settle on a shared prescription, which, I understand, is easier on the brain and on the eyes.

*required for me for driving. I also like to wear them for seeing people's faces better across a room, finding small things on the floor from standing up.
answered Feb 17, 2017 by curious george
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I am farsighted, should i wear my glasses all the time or no?
i am getting glasses and i need to know if since i am far sighted, should i be wearing the time, or only wen i need to see things far away?
answered Feb 17, 2017 by Sades
Farsighted is when u can not see that well up close.....and yes u should wear ur glasses at all times
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Do you have to wear farsighted glasses all the time or can you take them on and off no problem?
Hi, im 17, just found out last week im farsighted and need glasses to reduce strain on eyes (+2.5 and +2.0) and optician said i HAD to wear glasses all the time and he didn't want to elaborate on that.
Will i really have to wear glasses permanently? ie will taking them on and off confuse and maybe damage my eyes further???? anyone else had similar experience???
answered Feb 17, 2017 by Heriberto
You should at least wear your eyeglasses for near work such as using computer or reading. You do not have to wear eyeglasses all the time. I do suggest close to full-time wear for about the first week so your eyes and brain can adjust to the prescription. It is really up to you how you want to proceed with eyeglasses wear after that and your comfort level with wearing them. Wearing or not wearing eyeglasses will not make your uncorrected vision better or worse. You will not damage your eyes if you do not wear your eyeglasses or choose to only use them when needed.

You may experience headaches and eyestrain, but that is the worst of it. I personally believe eyeglasses should be worn when you need them. I use mine mostly for watching TV and driving.
I am farsighted and I wear my glasses all the time. It won't damage your eyes if you don't wear them all the time,however,if your doctor said you have to wear them all the time,I'd do it. I'd also double check to see if that is what he said just to make sure if you're wearing them properly.
You won't damage your eyes by not wearing your glasses for distance vision. Not wearing them for close work might cause eyestrain but it still won't damage your eyes.
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Should you wear your farsighted single vision glasses at all times ?
i asked my doc and he said i need to wear the glasses at all times ! but it's seem wired co'z i got single vision farsighted glasses ??? or only when i read computer and so ? my prescription is:
sun&work primery

thanks :)
Update: and i'm 32y/o
answered Feb 17, 2017 by Cjeanmc
at 32yrs old, (ignroing the Cylinder component) you've got about +4.00 Dioptres of focusing (accommodation) left in your eyes.. This accommodation, in normal people is used to focus up close for reading...

But for you...if you don't wear your glasses, then just to see things far away, your eyes will be using +2.25 of your +4.00 just to see far away!!! This represents about 50% of your accommodation.

With this amount of exertion at Distance... your eyes will soon get tired and become strained. You will tend to lose attention and possible trigger a head-ache... If not..distance vision may become blurry as your eyes don't bother to do the +2.25D of accommodation.

That's the reason why your Eye Doc advised you to wear them most of the time. Also, if you avoid wearing them now, when you get to 40yrs old, you will have to wear bifocal/progressive lenses with moderate power... which can be quite disorientating and sickening if you haven't 'adapted' to general distance/constant glasses since you're 32yrs old.

If you dislike wearing Glasses constantly, your Rx would be most ideal to wear Contact Lenses... Just put them in in the morning and just forget about it all day...
How old are you? Most people at around age 40 tend to lose accomodation and need correction for far and near. It is called presbyopia. And the answer for that would be bifocals. Most young people can still accomodate for both with a single correction. Your vision will only get better with correctly prescribed eyeglasses. If you are wearing the wrong glasses you will not see clearly. It won't make your vision better OR worse. Have an exam and wear them as directed.
Try wearing them for different activities yourself.

You will know when you see best with them and when they help you the most.

There is no such thing as " need " to wear them all the time at your age. You could, but nothing says you "have to "

You are farsighted , which isn't the same as someone who just needs reading glasses. Farsighted people CAN wear them all the time.

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