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should i wear glasses all the time short sighted?

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I have been wearing glasses for a few years only to see the board at school. my prescription is -3 in both eyes. I sometimes have to squint and strain to see things out in public places. Should I wear them all the time?

Also should i wear my glasses when going to have a haircut and keep them on for the duration of the haircut?

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asked Feb 17 in Health by smyadmin

3 Answers

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First time wearing glasses - short sighted, how often should I wear them?
Alright so I'm 22/F shortsighted low prescription, about -0.5.. anything that's 2 metres or more away starts getting blurry for me. But everything is so much clearer when i have them on! I got told that I should wear them for lectures, movies, etc.
Most of the time I'm on my laptop, so I don't need glasses for that. I mainly need them for lectures to see the powerpoint slides. Someone told me that I shouldn't wear them all the time if I don't need to (i.e. outside of lectures) because my eyes will rely on them too much and my eyes will get worse.. is this true? Any tips or advice on how often I should wear them?
answered Feb 17 by heartshapes
Honestly, wear them when you feel you need them. Wearing them too much/not enough will not affect your eyes down the line, if they are going to get worse it's going to happen regardless of how often you wear your glasses. I started at a similar prescription to you and only wore them when needed, over the years I started noticing I needed them more as my eyes were getting worse. I'm now a -1.75 with a tiny bit of astigmatism and wear my glasses 99% of the time.
Source: personal experience/works in an opticians.
Most myopia occurs because the eye grows too long. If the problem is simple myopia, it doesn't make much difference whether you wear glasses part-time, or full, or not at all.
If you don't wear them, you wouldn't see as good or as sharp. That's all that's going to happen.
If your myopia is going to get worse over time, your eye will change with the glasses or without them. So at this point, just do whatever makes you more comfortable.

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