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How are my eyes affected if I wear glasses all the time?

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Wearing glasses all of the time has no permanent effect on one’s eyes. Specifically, wearing glasses does not make one more dependent on glasses, nor does it increase or decrease the chance that one’s prescription may change over time—either for distance vision, reading vision, or intermediate distances, such as viewing a computer monitor on a desk.
Of course, one should wear glasses if required to correct vision for driving, and should wear glasses to correct vision, as needed, for other daily tasks. One should not be concerned that wearing glasses when needed for reading will increase the need for reading glasses or increase the power needed for reading glasses. Typically, as one gets to one’s thirties, forties, or fifties, reading glasses are needed as one’s own eye mechanisms lose the ability to focus from distance to near.
However, the fact that stronger and stronger reading glasses are needed until a point of stability is reached, again typically in one’s fifties, is not because one started using reading glasses, but because the focusing mechanism continues to weaken over a decade or two. Fortunately, this weakening should be correctable with reading glasses alone, and if not, an appointment with an eye care provider who can explain the lack of improvement is warranted.
answered Feb 16, 2017 by moscl
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Wearing glasses full time will not weaken your eyes or make your eyes physically more dependent on eyeglasses. You may become somewhat psychologically dependent on your eyeglasses simply because you feel better and we function better when your vision is clear.
answered Feb 16, 2017 by Dr. Lee R. Duffner, MD
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I'm nearsighted. Should I wear my glasses all the time?
When I see the things at a distance without glasses they seem blurry. My question is that do I have to wear my glasses everytime, like for e.g while using laptop or cellphone. I can see them clearly without glasses. If I wear them all time would they affect my eye sight in any way? will it get better or worse?
Looking for expert guidance.
answered Feb 16, 2017 by Dr. Neil M. Bressler
You do not need your glasses for close work. Wear them only  to help sharpen those images which  a distance, appear blurry.
A nearsighted eye is in focus to see well at close distances. As long as the object of interest is within the that focal range you're fine without them
Do NOT wear glasses for distances you can see clearly at.  Make it a habit to always remove glasses for computer use.

Some less knowledgeable may tell you otherwise, but they're wrong.  If you are using excess diopter for the prevailing distance (ie. distance vision glasses during computer use), you end up with some amount of hyperopic defocus, which triggers axial elongation (go to Google Scholar and look up "lens-induced myopia" for the science on this).

Wearing glasses only when you need them will slow the onset of progressive myopia, in many cases.
Whether to wear contact lenses in sports is a personal decision that you and your family might need to make and be in discussion with.

Contact lenses have many advantages over glasses and contact sports. However, contact lenses do not protect damage to the eye from direct blow to the eye. Therefore, even with contact lenses one must be aware that I protection another sort might be needed. That is why safety glasses or helmet with visor - may be necessary.

With that said, I have prescribed contact lenses on many who  participate in soccer, football, basketball, and tennis. They have all done well. Please note that what I say or write on this message is not medical, legal, financial advice.

This portion of my answer is based on your new comment. The simplistic answer of not wearing glasses at a distance of 20 cm when you're a -5.00 myopia or for any distance where myopia is worse than -2.00, is a bit unfortunate. When your eyes are looking at near without the appropriate lenses, you do not have the convergence of your muscles to help you keep things in focus. Therefore just because you can take off your eyeglasses doesn't mean that you will be comfortable seeing something that close without the use of your convergence muscles. For short periods of time, reading or looking at something without your glasses is appropriate. The remember, the secondary focal point of your eyes will judge where the best viewing distances. If you are -5.00 myopia, then the best clear distance is 20 cm which is rather close for most people's work.

Please seek the services of your treating physician or eye care professional for specific advice.
I agree with Don. Assuming you are more than 10 years of age or so, whether you want or need to wear glasses is up to you and your visual needs. If your spectacle power is low and you see well under certain situations without glasses, then by all means leave them off in those situations. Whether you wear your glasses more or less will not affect the spectacle power or make it increase or decrease. The glasses are just there to sharpen your vision, they should not influence the health of your eyes one way or the other.
I presume that you trying to explain that you got an astigmatism of some degree so axial orientation come to play. In this case a new glasses can require some week or so of adaptation time as brain has to reedicate itself on new image quality. The speed and severity is individual. Some much more sensitive than another.  Typically , once you put on a new spex you can see more clearly, esp. Fine details and in poor light but it feel "pulling and strange" and some surfaces can look distorted or sloping. Have to persist and it all will settle. If after 10 days OF USE you still cant get used to your spex go back and request recheck of prescription. Sometimes it may need to be reduced or modified to increase comfort albeit of clarity, some compromise.
What I tell people of similar situation is The only time you need to wear your glasses is when you want to see better.

Now if the glasses don't help for the up close, take them off.  But only take them off for when you're doing stuff up close for a really long time, like reading a book, or crocheting a duck, or making out.

Once you take them off, now you have two choices: you can be a delight and return them to your case or you can be more of a saucy sort and use them as a prop. Feel free to gesticulate subtly with your glasses. Point with them, rotate in circles when coming to a point. You might even want to plop one of the temple ends into your mouth when you strike a pensive pose. It's all up to you.

Glasses are a great tool, whether wearing them for better eyesight or impressing others with an impression of brilliance. They are useful even when they're not.
If you can still see far distances well, then don't wear them unless you're driving. If you can't see clearly more than 4 or 5 inches from your face, then if it were me I'd wear them all the time.

I got glasses when I was 6, and had to wear them all the time right away. I just couldn't see more than a few inches in front of me. That said, it's almost like my eyes started out the worst they ever got -- my prescription didn't really change until I reached my 40's, when I went into bifocals.
No. No need to wear them all the time. Only use them for seeing far things eg TV and driving when you feel the need to. But if you do wear them all the time, they will not harm your eyes.
You haven't given enough information about yourself for a precisely tailored answer but generally (assuming you are more than 10 years old) however much you do or don't wear your glasses will not make your eyes either better or worse. Whenever you see better or feel more comfortable with them on then wear them. Whenever you're OK without them don't bother with them if you don't want to. Everyone's eyesight tends to get somewhat worse as they get older regardless of how much they do or don't wear their glasses or contact lenses in the meantime.
If you feel that your vision is helped by wearing your glasses, wear them. If you can see something like your laptop or cellphone clearly without them, then don't wear them.  Your glasses will only help you see when you have them on and not wearing them won't do anything to make your vision worse.

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