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Does guys like girls wearing eyeglasses?

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Do guys like girls with glasses? I wear glasses all the time, I don't have contacts. Do guys find that not attractive when a girl wears glasses? I wouldn't say that I look like a nerd, I look decent, but have glasses. I am not ugly is what I am trying to say. Is that a major turn off? What do guys think when they see a girl with glasses?
asked Feb 14, 2017 in Health by smyadmin

6 Answers

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Unless you got some really ugly glasses, then maybe; but I remember in high school we had this girl that wore these geeky thick black frame glasses, and even the football players were after her; there was somethng about the glasses that made her look really good; if you would see her on the streets, guys woudln't think of her as being hot, but the glasses just gave her this enigmatic look that most of us found very attractive. As for myself, I really don't care if the girl wears glasses; most gals that wear glasses, are smart enough to get a pair that looks good on them, and many times it even turns them sexy.
answered Feb 14, 2017 by sexwiseman
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Some make it look good, some don't, but overall, I would say generally speaking I like girls who wear glasses. It.adds something, something that that makes her seem more real, more down to earth, and I like that.

I've learned enough in my time to know that there's a clear difference between what I want/fantasize about and what I need in a woman, and it's likely I'll never meet a woman who gives me both what I want and what I need. I'm old enough and mature enough to know that needs take priority over wants and I would take a girl who had what I needed over one who had what I wanted any day of the week. I can't explain why but glasses sort of makes me think the girl falls into the "need" category rather than the "want", and that makes her attractive to me in a way that goes beyond sexual. This probably makes no sense whatsoever LOL.
answered Feb 14, 2017 by WeaponZero
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Well, it's rather hard to give an accurate answer (at least as it applies to you) without seeing a pic, but generally glasses don't make a gal unattractive. On the contrary, I sometimes find a girl is MORE attractive with them on - but that really depends on the girl.

Simply put, it has little to no effect on how a person looks at you unless it's accompanied by genuine ugliness, poor social skills, an overbite, and a hunch.
answered Feb 14, 2017 by Warren
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It depends on the girl. Some girls look really good with glasses, others, not so much. You sound like you pull off the glasses look really well, so I'd imagine it goes over well with other men.
answered Feb 14, 2017 by Hercules
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How do men feel about glasses on a woman?
Homely, sexy, cute?  Why? What are the reasons?
answered Feb 14, 2017 by Funkster
I love the way a woman's nose scrunches right under the brim.
I love how they place them atop their head and exhale to release the stress.
I love when they dip on the nose bridge and she looks up at me from a book.
I love how they always seem to pick the right color, shape, and size - so much better than I ever can.
I love how much cleaner and less smudgy they are than mine.
I love that a glasses-wearing woman knows her way around my glasses, and will occasionally pull them off my face to clean them with her shirt.
I love how it makes her big beautiful eyes even bigger and more beautiful
I love how they fit right behind her little ears.

More than anything, I love how good women seem to feel when they finally take them off at night, fold them so carefully and place them on the nightstand.  This is in direct opposition to the way that I usually fall asleep with my poor tattered glasses half-crooked and smushed on my face.  

Ladies - if you got the specs, flaunt them
As a woman who finds women attractive, I find glasses to be the perfect decoration for a face. Non-permanent, changeable  it's facial jewelry without the pain. I love a woman in glasses.
According to me, men feel about glasses just like they feel about any other thing she wears, for example clothes, hair pin or shoes. If worn stylishly, glasses give her an edge over other girls for being different. If worn sloppily, they earn her the nickname "specy".The point is, just like a dress or an accessory looks good on a confident and not-so-dumb girl, same is the case with glasses.
I am eagerly waiting to see if many men feel the same.
Glasses are, as Erica said, a face decoration. They have more visual weight than earrings but less than a hat, for instance.
Well selected frames support facial features like the smart version of a beauty mark. But under it all, is the flesh-and-blood woman. You wouldn't say a handsome woman in a slouchy knit hat was no longer attractive, would you?
I have had men tell me how much they like my glasses (not shown in my image here.. ) and its weird, absolutely surprises me. This happens so much so I stuck with them instead of contacts. I wore contacts on a date once, and I think the guy was actually bummed out. I think its just the ones you happen to meet. I wear glasses normally, so I attract guys who like women who wear glasses.

(Note.. I have frameless glasses.. they are pretty cool.)
Not a man but I wanted to add my two cents.  I've worn glasses since I was a kid.  At first I was embarrassed to have to wear them. Now?  I love wearing antique glasses.  In high school I wore a Malcolm X type of glasses and through the years I've leaned more towards the older frames.

When people stop caring about what others, especially strangers, think of them they live such an easier life.  I believe there are few men who would find me attractive just because of the glasses I wear but that's not why I wear them.  I wear them because I can't see without them.  Might as well make a statement.
Am I the only one who does not notice whether a woman is wearing glasses or not? To me whether a woman is attractive or not is a whole package that does not directly correlate to any individual characteristics like glasses or not, hair color, etc.
Glasses are a great touch to a person that enjoys wearing glasses. I guess it all depends on the person wearing them. Some people don't feel attractive wearing glasses or simply hate that they sit on the face for so long. It's part of the reason why so many of us wear contacts.

In the end, glasses are sexy, cool, hip funny and amazing on women.
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I started going blind when I was just a little kid, subjecting me to the usual "four-eyes" moniker.  I've always had a weird complex about my glasses, and spent over 20 years wearing contact lenses.  They finally took their toll, and now I can't wear them without my eyes having the red appearance of having smoked three bowls.  So I went back to my glasses, and my weird complex.  I won't get Lasik, largely because I'm chicken.

My husband says he likes me better with my glasses.  He says I look fine with them, and they give me such an intellectual appearance that no one but him would know how hot and freaky I really am.  I'm pretty sure he's lying; guys learn to do this after 15 years with the same woman.  I'll take it, though, for what it's worth.

Have you ever noticed in the movies when they want to make the homely girl hot, the first thing that happens is she loses the glasses?

So, opinions, people:  Can a bespectacled woman be sexy?  For that matter, ladies, do you like guys with glasses?
answered Feb 14, 2017 by B.K. W.
Marie, when I take off my glasses, a new person IS born.  It's a bird, it's a plane...WHOOPS, I've just revealed my secret identity.

But seriously, guys, you are all making me feel so sexy and confident this morning, so thanks a million for that.  Twenty-five years of four-eyes complex, gone.
I haven't noticed any lack of attention in this regards. Even with glasses the guys have always offered me ample opportunity to exercise my libido. It isn't the apparal as much as the woman. Let's face it, guys will scout for any opportunity in a skirt!
I've been one with the four-eyes look since I was five....the 'rents noticed me walking straight into shit.  It didn't take'em long to figure out I was blind as a bat.

I like women with glasses....they're kindred souls.   It's a sign that tells me that a lady is secure enough about herself to endure the minor stigma of wearing eyeglasses while eschewing the expense and hassle of contacts.  It's a sign of emotional stability, intelligence, and practicality.

My 2 cents.
Glasses rock. There are so many hot women that wear them. I actually passed a cuty here the other day with wildly sexy specs. I told her I liked her glasses and she seemed so happy about it. I think glasses should be worn at least twice a week. Especially on girls:)

Here's something I found in a research;

"When asked whether or not glasses affect attractiveness, 73 percent of respondents say it has no impact. Sixty percent of men compared to 62 percent of women flatly disagree with the old expression "boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." Sixty-eight percent of Americans with partners who wear glasses say specs don't get in the way of a romantic moment."
I'm surprised about the general positive feedback to the question...

Some women look cool with glasses in my opinion, but I must admit that I'm in general less attracted to women with glasses. It definitely does make most women look somewhat inhibited. Which is probably why Hollowood, as Brenda W. stated in her question, makes sure that the glasses come off the homely girl before a love scene...

If you can't see a thing without glasses and if contacts don't work for you, I would strongly suggest to save up some money for a laser surgery (don't the latin word for this). I know several women who have had it done and it changed their lives dramatically.

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