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How Often Should You Get a New Pair of Glasses?

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Wow, I'd love to have a bunch of pairs to choose from! Maybe I should start a kitty for this :)

I tend to hold onto a pair for several years. I have a hard time finding something that really fits me, so I don't tend to change. My latest pair cost $500.00 after my employee discount. So, I plan on getting my money's worth!

For years I have had a regular pair and a pair of dark glasses. I decided to not use the frame for my dark glasses any more and keep looking for something else that I'd love. I'm so attracted to the fun, funky Fysh glasses, but they are all too wide for my face.
asked Feb 13, 2017 in Health by smyadmin

8 Answers

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Wow, I should totally work there. LOL! I tried on new glasses today, but couldn't really find anything I liked more than my current frames. I just need a new prescription.
answered Feb 13, 2017 by WOLFKITTY
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I usually get new glasses every two years. My eyes are so bad, my glasses cost about $500 or more WITH the discounts.

The optician I go to make her receptionists get new glasses every three months. It's part of their salary benefits. No cost to them. Living the dream!!!
answered Feb 13, 2017 by SOMUCHNOW
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I have an eye test every 2 years and usually am recommended to buy new glasses with a stronger prescription. My optician's usually offer 2 for 1 offers so I get designer glasses, although now I need vari-focals some styles are not deep enough. I really fancy trying contacts this time though - a colleague recently had his eyes lasered and thinks its one of the best things he's ever done - but it cost £3,500!!!!
answered Feb 13, 2017 by TAKEMETOTHEBALL
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I've been getting a new pair about once a year the past few years. I had been wearing contacts but went back to glasses. I go once a year because my vision is important.

I too noticed that with weight loss my previous pair of glasses got too big. It was an unexpected change. I probably should go in and get my current glasses adjusted.
answered Feb 13, 2017 by MISSCOURTNESS
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I buy new glasses whenever the mood strikes. I have about 6 pair right now (including sunglasses). I don't have vision insurance b/c I buy soooo many it seems like a waste. I've been wearing glasses forEVER so they are like earrings to me. Always gotta have another pair! I go to places like Eyeglass World where they always have BOGO.
answered Feb 13, 2017 by MSAFROACHIEVER
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I made a deal with my husband... since he likes a girl in glasses... I get one new frame a year! My vision insurance covers frames and lenses every other year... and lenses once a year! Thankfully my 'script hasn't changed in years! ;)

However.. I am fearing that I will soon need bifocals!
answered Feb 13, 2017 by MUPP1970
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I buy a new one whenever the ones I have get worn out. That's maybe once every two years MAX. I really want a new pair now. Maybe frameless ones or ones with a stylish, fancy frame! I think I'll buy them as a treat when I reach my next weight loss milestone, at 89 Kg!
answered Feb 13, 2017 by PHROSE22
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How Often Do I Need New Glasses?

Many of us go for years at a time without considering changing out our glasses because we doggedly believe that we can still see perfectly with our old lenses.
While you may not have noticed or realized it, your old eyeglasses may be working against you, causing undue eyestrain or fatigue.
But how often should we replace our glasses, and why?

Listen to the Advice of Your Optometrist

Your glasses should be replaced when your optometrist recommends that they should be. This usually will occur in tandem with your regular eye exam.
The American Optometric Association recommends that non-senior adults and children over age 6 have regular eye exams a minimum of once every two years if they do not have risk factors for poor vision.
Seniors over age 60 and individuals with risk factors should have an eye exam every year, or more frequently if recommended by their doctor.
During this regular eye exam, you will need to ask your optometrist whether or not you need to replace your glasses with a new pair. Be sure to bring your old glasses with you so that your eye doctor can inspect them for flaws and durability.
There are several reasons why your doctor will recommend that you get new glasses, even if you feel like you can see well with your old glasses.

Subtle Changes

Though you may be able to “see just fine” with your current eyeglasses, if you are using an outdated prescription, you may be causing yourself undue eyestrain. Our prescriptions change subtly over time, so while you may believe that you’re seeing everything perfectly, you are probably actually having to unconsciously strain your eyes to see adequately.
Our eyes will naturally try to focus on items we are trying to see, so you may not notice yourself straining to see something properly. However, if you get frequent headaches, neck aches, or seem to be squinting often, you are probably having to try too hard to focus your eyes, which means you need a new prescription for your glasses.

New Technology

Just like computer technology, the technology behind making your glasses lenses is constantly improving by leaps and bounds. Every year, improvements are made in lens design to help offer you the best in vision, and many occupation-specific lens aids have risen in availability in the past few years.
For example, if you work long hours staring at a computer screen, there are lenses which can help to reduce the glare of the screen and reduce your overall eye strain.
Even if your prescription has remained the same, you may want to look into new eyeglasses to take advantage of the technological advances in eyewear lenses.


You may have done everything you could to prevent damage to your glasses, but it is possible that they still could be scratched or defective in some way. Your doctor may recommend that you have a new pair made up if your glasses have any sign of wear and tear, especially on the lenses or on crucial moving parts.
The older a pair of glasses is, the more likely it is to have some form of damage, so understand that if your glasses are many years old, your optometrist is probably going to recommend that you invest in a new pair
answered Feb 13, 2017 by Dina

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