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how often should you get new glasses frames?

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How often should you change up your glasses frames?
I'm a big fan of my glasses. I usually will try and get a few years out of my frames before I move onto new ones.
I was wondering, from a style standpoint, how often do people usually change their frames?
asked Feb 13, 2017 in Health by smyadmin

3 Answers

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I didn't change my last frames for 4 years. I only change them as often as I need to change my lenses. Then again I have an ocular deficiency and I can't order glasses online because my prism lenses have to be placed in the frames just so. If I could order online with my script I would probably get new ones every year.
Glasses are the only accessory you wear every day and beyond that they are on your face. So it needs to fit your face perfectly and compliment your wardrobe. If you feel what you have is lacking in one of those aspects then it's time for a new pair. If you change what you wear drastically and it no longer matches your style then it is time to change your frames. Similarly, if your weight changes and your face shape changes then you might need to reevaluate your frames and what would look best with your new face shape.
Edit: a word. If you would like a photo of my old vs my new glasses I would be happy to oblige.
answered Feb 13, 2017 by Harambe
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I keep mine for a few years at a time. I have had the ones I wear now for about 3-4 years. I still love them, and I still get comments on them all the time. I had my previous pair for about the same amount of time.
I don't have a second pair, but I have old pairs I can wear in a pinch/in case of emergency. I also have one pair of prescription sunglasses.
answered Feb 13, 2017 by Queenie
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How Often Do You Get New (eye) Glasses?
Just wondering...trying to decide how frugal to be in this regard. I got my current glasses about 2 years ago and they're starting to get a little scratched and worn -- you know, the screws keep coming loose, they won't stay adjusted for long, just a little wonky.  I can still see fine with them, but that's no proof my eyes haven't changed.

My eyes are terrible. I have very bad astigmatism in one eye and both are nearsighted. So I NEED my glasses. One time they broke and boy oh boy, I was LOST. I live in fear that I'll be out somewhere with the kids, my glasses will break and I'll be unable to drive us home! I've worked and driven with one earpiece missing before. Not fun. And yeah -- here's proof that I'm cheap (or practical!): One time I got two pairs of glasses - one was sunglasses because the shop had a buy one get one 1/2 off sale and I love having prescription sunglasses (haven't done it since though, that was ~12 years ago) so I made a point of getting both the same frame style. I figured that way if my glasses broke, I could just pop the lenses into the sunglasses frames. And that's exactly what I did a couple years later! Lasted another year that way.

But you know, I usually wait to replace them until they're falling apart beyond repair - something serious breaks, a lens gets chipped, etc. Or I start getting headaches or having trouble seeing. Could be 5 years if I'm lucky. Right now there's no need, really...except...

My husband does not like them.

And here's where this post threatens to turn into yet another rant about my husband's infuriating passive-aggressive nature...I may digress into how miffed at him I am about a couple other things this evening, like how he forgot our son's Scout meeting and got home too late to take him, so I had to...but no, I won't do it.  The point is this: He waited TWO YEARS to tell me that he NEVER LIKED MY GLASSES. He thought I picked out terribly unflattering frames, but didn't bother saying so.

Folks, I got them from Lenscrafters, and they offer a 30-day deal that if you don't like them, you can exchange them for a different pair -- bad frame choice, lenses not quite right, whatever. If he'd told me THEN, I could've picked something ELSE.

Here's another question for you -- when you get glasses, do you pick them out yourself or take someone with you to help you choose?

I've never been the team-shopper type; you know how ladies will go shopping together so they can ask each other "how does this look?" "Does this make me look fat?" (Uh...no honey, your FAT makes you look fat, LOL) Not I. I can buy a pair of jeans or a dress just fine on my own, thanks. That's why they have mirrors. But glasses? I dunno...maybe my eyes were still dialated from the exam when I picked them out. I liked them.   

Note -- of course he would prefer I wear contacts. I had them a couple years ago when I started working in an outside-the-home part time job, and I liked them fine. But then I quit that and started my home-based business, and though I still wore the contacts for business meetings, I found that I could not STAND to wear them while working at the computer. Since that's how I spent 99% of my working time, it seemed rather impractical to even have the contacts, which were supposed to be replaced every 3 months. So forget it. I'm not THAT vain.
answered Feb 13, 2017 by Peacock
I get new glasses every 2 years. I don't have vision insurance and it can be very expensive.
I always bring my sister with me, she is honest and will tell me if my frames look nice. I could try on the ugliest pair and my husband would say "that looks nice honey" so I bring my sister along.
I have found that Lens Crafters is about twice the price as our local eye docter. I do have to wait about a week to get my new glasses but for me it is worth the wait.
new glasses every 2-3 years...new lenses every 3-4 months (and I procrastinate here...I probobly could get new lenses monthly) My eyes have been going south pretty fast the last 4 years or so.
I recently got my eye exam and new glasses. It had been four years! I don't have vision insurance and my eyes are so bad that I can't walk safely across the room without glasses on! I had noticed that it was getting harder to read street signs and thought that it was time to go in. I have a stigmatism, am nearsighted, and need 1 1/2 prisms in my lenses, and I need the thin plastic lenses. My glasses with exam cost $450! no wonder why I waited! I take DH in with me to pick out frames because I am so blind that I need the mirror 2 inches from my face to see what the frames look like. I figure he will be seeing me in them every day, so I'll get ones that he likes, and I trust his opinion. I used to wear contacts, but they are around $300 a pair for soft torics in my prescription and only last about a year, so haven't been able to afford that since the kids came along, and i'd need glasses as back up anyway. Doc said if I get the lasik eye surgery, I would still have to have contacs, I could just be able to wear the cheapy ones that the rest of my family can wear. Well, maybe when I win the lottery!
I get new glasses when I break my old ones or when the old ones are so scratched up I can't see so good anymore.This generally translates to every 2-3 years.

I get a new prescription only when my old one expires. I loathe the eye doctor. Everytime I go, they insist on changing my prescription very, very slightly. Just enough to wonk out my vision for three or four days as I get used to the new lenses. I've asked if the prescription change is so slight, if I could just stick with my old scrip and the request is always ignored. I'm pretty sure the change is mostly due to the variance between deciding which lens looks better. It's often a toss up.

I'm also pretty sure I'm going to punch the next person who tries to dilate my pupils. Last time, I was told that they were new dilating drops and vision should only be affected for an hour or so. I spent three hours sitting in my car in the parking lot wearing the goober shades while I waited until I could see enough to drive. Best part was I took time off of work in the middle of the day for the appointment and ended up blowing the whole day sitting there.
The last time I got new glasses was February of 1999 but I did get an exam in August of 2003. There wasn't enough of a difference to spend the money for a new pair of glasses and the ones I bought in 2000 were scratch coated so well that there isn't a scratch on them. These frames and lenses were purchased at Lenscrafters on a $99.00 sale and upgraded to top of the line lens at their expense when they didn't have standard lens in my prescription in stock.
Wow, I just realized how seldom some folks think about their vision LOL. I seem to be getting a prescription change twice a year right now. I buy one good frame and then wear an older pair while the new lenses are put in the current frames. I ALWAYS keep a back up older pair in my office, in my glove box as well. I cannot see to find my glasses if I take them off and dont put them in the right place LOL. I cannot count how many times DH has come in from the shop to find me sitting blind at the dining table because I was afraid to move when I could not find my glasses. He just pats me on the shoulder and says "what room were you in when you lost them" LOL. Then he always comes back and tells me "no wonder you could not see them they are the same color as the tile, towel, shirt etc that you laid them on". Such a sweetie. I have considered lasix (big chicken about my eyes) and would still need to wear reading glasses if I had this done. Right now I am 20:750 so I am not sure what could be done. I no longer correct to 20:20 though I get good enough to drive. I suspect the couple of times my MS has attacked my eyes may have something to do with the poor vision. I am in the process of ordering some inexpensive off the net glasses as well- just for back up you know! Sis

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