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how glasses correct your vision?

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Have you ever wondered why you have to start each day by putting on your glasses? If you wear glasses, you already know they help you to see better, but you may not know exactly how they correct your vision.
asked Feb 13 in Health by smyadmin

5 Answers

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Do glasses ever fix your vision?
I think I may need glasses. I can see things that are close up just fine, but things that are far away get blurry. I can make them out, but they're blurry. I think I'm about to head up to Walmart for a free eye exam.

My question is, if I do get glasses, will they strengthen my eyes, or will I be stuck wearing them for the rest of my life?

I don't like the idea of needing glasses for the rest of my life at all. Is there anything I can do to improve my "farsight"?

Ok, I just got back from an eye exam.

Apparently I have like 20/21 vision in my left eye and 20/60 vision in my right eye.

My numbers are:

Right SPH: -1
Right CYL: -0.25
Right Axis: 175
Left SPH: -0.25
Left CYL: -0.25
Left Axis: 130

The doctor said I had pretty eyes, but I think she just wanted me to buy glasses. She was cute though.
answered Feb 13 by Chaotic42
your stuck with them for life

and your eyes will most likely continue to get worse as you get older

i first got mine when i was a junior in HS ~17, i just needed them to drive with, when i was a soph in college ~20 i needed them all the the time, im now 23 and my Px just changed cause they got worse, i have contacts so its not that bad
Nope. In fact, unless things have changed, only hard contact lenses even prevent your vision from getting worse.

FYI, there are contact lenses you can wear during the night that shape your eye and then you don't have to wear anything during the day. I believe they are called CRT lenses.
they are corrective lenses
that doesn't mean they correct your eyes, they correct your eyesight
so that you can see
your eyes go bad and stay bad or get worse, they don't get better, unless you get them lasered
I've had the same pair of glasses since high school...the first time i got glasses. im a jr in college now and my vision is the same. I just got another eye exam and my vision hasn't changed at all...but im still going to wait a couple more years b4 i get lasik.
Considering that the dioptic adjustments of lenses merely accommodate the refractive anomalies of your own lens, it should follow that there's no way to correct it, as others have said. I guess if you were able to move the lens of your eye closer or further from the retina, you could reduce your myopioa and hyperopia, respectively.
I've had glasses since 7th grade. My entire family has glasses, including my 2 brothers. Unfortunately, I have terrible vision. I got hard contacts a few years ago, but they are a pain to wear. God, I cannot stand them. But I still wore them for 2 years. I'm hoping to get Laser Eye Surgery when I'm around 25 or so (I heard that was the best age?). I just wish it'd be a tad bit cheaper...

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