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what eye prescription is considered blind?

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What eye prescription would be classified as "legally blind"?
I don't understand what 20/70 or 20/200 even means. All I know is that my prescription for my left eye is 6.50 and my right eye is 7.00 and someone told me that means that I'm legally blind. Is that true? And what is the prescription number to be classified as legally blind?
Update: I know all of that, I've read wikipedia and I've searched the internet. I just want to know if my prescription means that I'm legally blind.

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asked Feb 12 in Health by smyadmin

10 Answers

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None.  As long as you are corrected to better than 20/200 with glasses or contact lenses you are not considered legally blind.   Only if you cannot see 20/200 with any prescription are you considered legally blind.
answered Feb 12 by David Malitz
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I have cerebral palsy on my right side and over my early years, it made my left eye strained. So I was 30/400 by the time I was a teenager. I don’t really focus out of my right eye. I can sense more than see movement, and I would have to really strain to see, say, how many fingers someone was holding up. I can’t drive. If I put my hand over my left eye, I see my left palm. If I close my left eye, I can sort of fixate on whatever is in front of me.

I gave Lasik a shot in 2000, and was told I’d likely have to wear glasses again within the decade. They were right. But my eyesight was corrected to 20/30. The amazing part was that my right eye did not float as it did before. I would try and makit that happen and it felt as if the muscle was strengthened.

Right now my eyesight is about 20/40. And every time someone questions why the Lasik didn’t work, I let them try on the glasses I had in 1999.
answered Feb 12 by Wayne Allen Sallee

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