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How to get contact lenses when your prescription is expired?

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My contact lens prescription has expired. I can still see just fine, my current contacts are comfortable, and I don't have a lot of extra cash right now, so I'd rather not pay $90 for an eye exam in addition to the not cheap contacts. Is there some business that you think will be willing to look the other way with respect to expiration issue and just sell me the contacts anyway?

I promise I'll go back to getting regular eye exams when I have more cash on hand.
asked Feb 12 in Health by smyadmin

5 Answers

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I'm sure there's some reason my eye doc says to wear them only for 4-6 weeks then crack open a new pair, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm not going to toss a pair in the garbage that feels no different after 3 months of use than they did the day I opened them.

lease don't do this.

Basically -- a lot of scientists spent a great deal of time developing special plastics which let a good amount of oxygen through into the eye. Now the only problem is that the protein that floats around in your eyes starts to bind to the plastic of the contact lens, and, over time, less and less oxygen goes through the contact lens.

Since the cells of the eye require oxygen to live, the cells signal the body to start growing blood vessels. Unfortunately, blood vessels are not transparent, so if this gets way out of hand, you can go blind. (Corneal Neovascularization)

You only get one set of eyes, please don't ruin them over $60. If you really can't afford it, consider glasses.
answered Feb 12 by ksnake10
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Yep...Canada doesn't require a prescription for purchase of contacts. I guess they figure you're a big girl/boy and if you don't have the right prescription, that's tough for you. Which makes TONS of sense. Anyway, I found the best deal on my particular lenses here, and it looks like they'll ship to the U.S.
answered Feb 12 by nosila

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