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Can I buy contact lenses online without a prescription?

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Being a stay-at-home parent of a five month old, going to the optometrist for an eye exam is a bit of an inconvenience. My vision has not changed in ten years. Are there any online sources that don't require you to have a current prescription? Bonus points if prices are comparable to Vision Direct, 1-800-contacts, etc.
asked Feb 12 in Health by smyadmin

6 Answers

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Even if there is some site that will (illegally) sell them to you, don't do this. If you're putting contacts in your eyes, you should have someone look at your eyes and how the contact lenses are doing in your eyes to make sure everything is OK. Eye health is worth the inconvenience.
answered Feb 12 by needs more cowbell
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Just bring the baby. If they don't sleep in their carseat/stroller/wrap, someone will be thrilled to hold them for you.
answered Feb 12 by teremala
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Gotta say that an eye exam is too important to miss. It can detect so many more issues that go beyond "just" eyesight.
Plus, anywhere that would sell you lenses without a current prescription is selling you God knows what.
answered Feb 12 by tel3path
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Confirming that Vision Direct works well, and ships to the US. Of course there are good reasons to get an eye exam, but there are also good reasons to just order more contacts.
answered Feb 12 by so fucking future
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I work in the regulation of medical devices (like contact lenses). The law varies by state, but you generally have to have a prescription that's been issued in the last 1 to 2 years for a vendor to legally sell you lenses online. That means vendors who are willing to sell you lenses without a current prescription might be willing to sell you counterfeit lenses. And by counterfeit, I mean lenses that might seem to work perfectly well but which haven't been manufactured in sterile, inspected facilities. With no inspection regime or record, counterfeit device and drug manufacturers very truly sell shit all the time that has undisclosed drug ingredients, contaminants, unsafe materials, and on and on. Here's a recent incident that might give you pause about ordering from unscrupulous vendors.

Seriously, just take your kid with you to the doctor. You're not the first person to do so (I have three kids, and when they were young and hard to manage I came to love offices where staff immediately swoop in and are like, oh hey you look like you could use some help, want me to hold these two while you get checked out?).
answered Feb 12 by Iris Gambol
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When I ordered prescription sunglasses from Zenni last year, I filled out my prescription info from my 1.5 -2 year previous eye exam (which, like you, was the within tiny increment of being exactly same as the previous 6 years of eye exams, i.e. nothing has changed lately). Then I clicked "agree to terms and conditions" which included agreeing with the statement that this was a current prescription and acknowledging that I was supposed to scan and email a copy of the documentation, for them to put in their files. I should probably rush home and do that now. The glasses are great.
answered Feb 12 by aimedwander

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