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Can you remove scratches from polarized sunglasses?

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Polarized sunglasses have always been popular among water sports enthusiasts because they reduce horizontally reflected glare from the water. Many people have purchased polarized sunglasses for use in a number of other outdoor activities including golf, skiing, and even driving. The benefits of polarized sunglasses come with a price, however, which is why discovering a scratch is a big deal. Thankfully, if users know which type of lenses they have, fixing scratches on polarized lenses is easy.

How to Fix Scratches on Polarized Lenses by Type
The method used to repair polarized sunglasses depends highly on the type of lens material. After determining if the sunglasses are made of glass or a type of plastic, proceed with the following steps.

Fixing Glass Lenses
One of the major pros of owning glass lenses is their resistance to scratches. As such, most scratched glass lenses contain deep gouges that are hard to repair. Depending on the severity of the scratch, it may be impossible to fix without professional intervention. There is one method, however, that works for minor surface scratches on polarized glass lenses.

Find a tube of white, non-abrasive, non-gel toothpaste and squeeze a pea-sized drop onto a cotton pad.
Rub the toothpaste over the scratch in a gentle, circular motion.
Wipe off the toothpaste using one side of a microfiber cloth.
Using the clean side of the cloth, dampen and wipe the lens until the toothpaste disappears.
Depending on the depth of the scratch, it may be necessary to repeat these steps more than once to produce ideal results.

Fixing Plastic Lenses
Not only are plastic polarized lenses far more popular, they are also easier to repair when scratched. The depth of the scratch may preclude users from actually repairing the lens, but there is a lot more leeway with plastic lenses.

Begin by thoroughly cleaning both lenses with warm water and a bit of mild dish soap, and then dry them completely.
Apply a thin coat of scratch-removing polish or petroleum jelly to the entire lens. Furniture polish, car wax, and non-abrasive white toothpaste work as well.
Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to rub the polish in gentle, circular motions for 10 seconds.
Inspect the lens, looking to see if the scratch is still visible. If so, repeat.
Repeat the first step to cleanse the lenses.
When fixing the lenses on plastic polarized sunglasses, the basic idea is to fill in the scratch with an oily substance. As such, many similar products work well.

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asked Feb 10, 2017 in Health by smyadmin
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5 Answers

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1. Wash your polarized sunglasses under warm, running water, applying a dot of dish detergent to each lens and gently rub it around. 2. Apply a coating of scratch remover polish. If that's not available, use petroleum jelly, furniture polish, or non-abrasive white toothpaste. 3. Rub the coating in a circular motion around the lenses with a microfiber cloth for five to 10 seconds and then inspect the lenses to see if the scratches are still visible. If so, repeat the process. 4. Wash the glasses in warm, soapy water again to remove the oily residue from the lenses and thoroughly dry them with a microfiber cloth.
answered Feb 10, 2017 by Talip Singh
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You can use Armour Etch to fix scratched polarized sunglasses. However, armour etch is toxic, so you should wear gloves and use them in a well ventilated area. When you have put rubber gloves on, appy the armour etch to both sides of the lenses to remove the anti-reflective coating because the anti-reflective coating is on both sides. Then rinse them under warm water and Dry with micro fiber cloth. Next, you can spray some Lemon Pledge Furniture Polish on both sides of the lenses, and rub it with your fingers. Finally, wipe them off with a cotton cloth and then the scratches will be less noticeable.
answered Feb 10, 2017 by Joseph bell
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Usually, most of way of fixing scratched polarized sunglasses (or any other sunglasses or eyeglasses lenses) are adopt the way that get ride of their lenses coating. That because of scratches are most happen to the lenses coating. Though it make your sunglasses lenses get rid of scratches, the sunglasses no longer the original one to protect the eyes. So, i think you'd better buy a pair of new one. Now, there are cheap and good quality polarized sunglasses online, Just search it out.
answered Feb 10, 2017 by walker8016
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Well, you can remove the scratch by getting rid of the coating because usually that's where the scratches are mostly found. However, after the coating is gone, the sunglasses lose its point. So, my recommendation would be buy another pair of sunglasses. After all, a pair of polarized sunglasses without any coating is no use at all. There are so many places you can find inexpensive polarized sunglasses. You can do a search online and you'll find a perfect pair in no time. Trust me, do a search online NOW.
answered Feb 10, 2017 by Michelle percy
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The good news is that there are tips and tricks you can use to minimize the look of scratch, fill it in, or polish it over, so that you’ll be back to sporting those cool frames in no time. Here is a handy method to try to get your sunglasses back to tip-top shape. Dab a bit of brass or silver polish on the lenses with a cotton ball and gently rub it around. If there is any excess polish, remove it with a clean, lint-free cloth. Repeat the process until the scratch has disappeared.
answered Feb 10, 2017 by Luke shelley

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