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How can I remove scratches from my glasses?

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If your eye glasses are scratched, there’s no need to discard them. There are many ways to remove scratches without causing further damage. Many of these methods require nothing more than materials found around the house.

Use a cotton or soft wool cloth with a little non-abrasive toothpaste to quickly buff away scratches on eye glasses. Rub the lens gently, moving the cloth in small circles. Continue this motion for around ten seconds. Rinse with cold water and wipe dry.

For a very stubborn scratch, you may have to repeat the process. Continue until the scratch is completely removed. If you have an anti-scratch coating on your eye glasses, you may have to rub this off completely first. This will not damage the lens but will make it more difficult to get to the scratch.

Baking soda may also be used in this way. Make a thick paste from baking soda and water. Then, apply the paste with a soft cotton or wool cloth and rub gently in a circular motion. Rinse and wipe the lens dry. Again, the process may have to be repeated for deep or stubborn scratches.

Scratches on plastic eye glasses can be remedied by using Armor Etch, a glass etching compound. The active ingredient, Hydrofluoric Acid, removes the outer coating on plastic lenses. It should never be used on glass as it can damage the lenses further. For plastic eye glasses, simply place a thick coating of the compound onto each side of the lens. Allow the glasses to sit for five minutes. Rinse and wipe dry. Do not rub the compound into the lenses. The Armor Etch will remove the outer coating and any scratches along with it.

Another commercial product that works well for removing scratches from eye glasses is vehicle cleaning wax. Although it’s often used to polish automobiles, it can also fill in and remove scratches on glass and plastic eye glasses. Apply with a soft clean cloth and gently buff until the scratches have been removed. You may need to use several cloths as the wax adheres easily to fabric.

Windshield water repellants can also be used to remove scratches on eye glasses. They have the added bonus of repelling dirt and moisture, and preventing the glasses from fogging up during temperature changes. Simply apply with a soft cloth and polish gently for a few seconds. This treatment is best for superficial blemishes and may not be effective for deep, penetrating scratches.

Brass polish will remove scratches from plastic lenses but should not be used on glass. Apply with a cotton cloth and buff for several minutes. Rinsing isn’t necessary. Simply use a clean cloth to remove any excess polish from the eye glasses. Silver polish may also be used in the same manner.

These methods will remove scratches on eye glasses but should be used with care. Make sure to wear gloves and read all manufacturer handling instructions before using any of these products. Never use any abrasive solution on glass, or you risk causing severe damage to the lenses.

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asked Feb 10, 2017 in Health by smyadmin

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