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Is there really a solution for every problem?

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Many times death is the only solution to certain kinds of suffering but people don't want to hear that.
For example what was the solution for a lacks born during slavery?

Whats the solution for a terminally ill cancer patient?

How aout for a double amputee thats paralyzed?

For a blind person?

Truth is sometimes there is no solution and death is the best option.
Update: the "b" on my keyboard doesnt work 80% of the time so i meant "B"lacks during slavery and How "A" bout for a double amputee
Update 2: I'm asking this because i saw something on tv about a solution for every problem and i thought that was ridiculous. Besides vedic philosophy says you are forced into the material world.
asked Jul 23, 2016 in Arts and Humanities by smyadmin
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