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Why do fire signs seem so dumb?!?

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They do the dumbest things just for recognition or attention. They have got to be the less intelligent of all elements. Selfish, jealous and just plain dumb! Many of them, especially Leos and Sagittarius seem to easily get jealous or intimidated by people who are smarter or more successful than they are. Because they are so dumb, Earth signs are better suited for them, not air...they' re too jealous of air people. Water signs are smarter than fire and should be with air.
asked Aug 16, 2016 in Entertainment and Music by smyadmin

1 Answer

0 votes
Aries are the dumbest, can't think before they act. Leos are proud for nothing. Sagittarius don't know how to be faithful.
Cancers cry over nothing and Scorpios are the weakest, always jealous of someone, caring about someone who doesn't care about them.
Libras can't stand up for themselves and are lazy to the point of inertia. Virgos mask insecurity with self-confidence and always feel the need to make themselves above everyone else. Capricorn boring as hell goody two-shoes, controlling as ****. Aquarians are gullible. Pisces are pushy and boring, overly judgmental and aren't as compassionate as they make themselves out to be.
Did I miss anything? Oh. Taurus, I love them, but many are serious preachers and naggers. Like, I have a mind of my own and can do what I want. Gemini are the biggest gossipers on planet earth. Mind...your own...business.
Libra girl hating on everyone. My point: NO ONE IS PERFECT
answered Aug 16, 2016 by moscl

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