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Do you think that our present society is ready for a UFO disclosure?

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Update: How do you feel that our present society would react'; and, how would you react.
Update 2: Ok Bill, you keep believing that if it is comfortable for you; however, you didn't answer the question.
Update 3: This is a Hypothetical question, ok?
Update 4: I would like too let you know, that, they are no longer UFO's to me; as can identify them. I can tell the difference between a Probe, a Scout ship and a Observation Platform. Maybe I should have used the term NHBE, ( Nonhuman Biological Entities). For those that think that this is just all Hollywood trickery and it is all fake; then, the office responsible for nondisclosure has done its job.
Update 5: A few more days for this. Really hard to choose a best answer as I enjoyed all. I am going too see if there will be anymore input before.
Update 6: Most all of you should be picked for BA; however, I am going to give it to Who out of an empathy that I can relate to. I thank you all for some very interesting and insightful input. Special thanks to Mr Int' for your insightful input.
Everyone look to the Middle East on September 18th; then, we shall see, or not too see; and, that will be the question.
asked Jul 23, 2016 in Arts and Humanities by smyadmin

1 Answer

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I don't think many people would believe such a disclosure,maybe "kind of believe" (oh it's possible), but won't really concern themselves with this because they are still on the fence about this because they haven't personally seen them.

I have seen Aliens as a child, so I know they exist, but when I have told people about this they are sceptical and tell me,"Maybe it was a dream?" or, "Children have huge imaginations. "

But I know what I saw(didn't now what they were at the time) .I feared them,sensing they weren't friendly and I distinctly recall what they looked like.
answered Jul 23, 2016 by moscl
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