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can you really lose weight by throwing up?

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Does throwing up actually help you loose weight?
I dont want you telling me that its dangerous, I just want to know does it help you loose weight, and like how do you do it. Do you have to eat a bunch of junk food? or what? I really want to loose weigh, but I do not have the patience to like eat healthy and excersise, so I just really need any advice I can get. Also If you want to tell me things about anorexia and if that would help to :) Thanks :)

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asked Feb 6, 2017 in Health by smyadmin
edited Feb 8, 2017 by smyadmin

4 Answers

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The strange thing about bulimics is that most that you see are kinda chubby, if not outright fat. Maybe if they weren't vomiting all the time they would be enormous. But still, it hardly seems worth it to have to puke your guts out all the time to have that chubby look. Anorexics, on the other hand, are a least thin. I can't remember ever seeing a chubby or fat anorexic, unless it was after they went through "recovery". Also, anorexia is easier, I mean, no vomiting required, however, it would require you to NOT EAT! Something you probably have not been too good at in the past, otherwise, you wouldn't be trying to lose weight. Anyway, have fun with it. Good Luck!
answered Feb 6, 2017 by Cassie
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Throwing up can help you lose weight but all that acid constantly going up your throat can end up giving you throat cancer later on, so yes, it can be dangerous. It's not worth it. Anorexia can be serious. If you don't have the patience to eat healthy and exercise then it's like someone who says they want to make money but don't want to work.

Losing Weight doesn't have to be hard or uncomfortable. Here's one of the Best Diet Programs out there that can help you lose weight in just a few weeks. It works amazingly well and is easy to follow and do and you don't have to throw up or do anything unhealthy.

Very Effective: https://tr.im/easyweightloss
answered Feb 6, 2017 by Angel
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I'm sure you've looked up many ways to lose weight. Try sticking a tooth brush down your throat, don't wait anymore than five minutes after eating. best best is to hardly eat at all, then when you do, just barf.

I had a friend who was over 100 pounds overweight and lost it all that way. Its not much different than gastric bypass, really. In fact those people barf if they overdo it too.

Warning: you may age rapidly, the strain of barfing causes your face to age quicker. If you're huge you'll get saggy skin, so you need to work out. Drink tons of water, brush teeth after you vomit right away - the acidity of barf wears away on tooth enamel.

My friend reached her goal weight, we were 17-18. She had a heart attack in class one day as well. It does take its toll. So keep in mind if you really hate yourself and your body, bulimia is also a fantastic way to kill yourself.

answered Feb 6, 2017 by Ariana
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you know I have thrown up and thrown up and I kept telling myself that I would stop but I never did, it really changed my life and I mean in a horrible way. and if that is what YOU want, I feel sorry for you. I regret ever doing that but I was going through a horrible time period and that was the only thing I wanted to do I am better now I have to say, I still struggle with it but I am recovering slowly and you shouldn't do that, it is a disorder a killer that stays in your head saying "eat less, weigh less" if your anorexic and its a demon that will never leave your head unless you get help. I hope and I pray that you will not adapt to these eating disorders and you lose weight the healthier way. go for a walk a jog even. join the gym and if you want to lose weight desperately, eat healthier I mean I know its easier to say it than actually do it but you have to motivate yourself and you will accomplish it. good luck and please lose weight the healthier way not the deadlier way.....
answered Feb 6, 2017 by Eliza

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