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Do you think there will be less racism in these three countries in 2019?

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My favorite countries are Japan, South Korea, and Italy. I'm learning Italian already in school and I'm going to be learning Japanese soon. I really want to go to those countries and I was even thinking of going to S Korea to study abroad though I realized going abroad costs a lot of money and I saw a list of the most racist countries for Black ppl and all three of them were on the list. When I found out about this I was really pissed and depressed, because it's a dream of mine to travel to Japan, Italy, and S Korea because of their food, art ( I want to become an artist though I barely get inspiration anymore :( ). My dad told me that since I'm graduating high school in 2019, it won't be a bad to go to those countries even after college. I just wanted other peoples opinions on this.
asked Aug 15, 2016 in Education and Reference by smyadmin
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